A Slip in Eden

I like that title. :) Could be a poem, a novel…

Nice and ambiguous!

In this case, it relates to a slip in the sense of “a docking place for a ship between two piers”.

Slip in Eden

I checked quickly inworld this morning (I’ve been travelling on RL business, and hardly on the net at all), to look at my group notices and such, and because of some random subscribe-o-matic that I’m on, I got a note about land ownership and rental opportunities in the Eden sims, which I remember from some concert or other the other month as being a friendly and clothing-optional place. (Didn’t find a website for them offhand, but here is a lil video.)

I TPd over on a whim and poked around a little, and came to a desert island where I could rez the Twenty and sail about, and eventually I ended up in a sort of downtown waterfront area, and I glided gracefully into a slip.

One of the owners of the place was around, and we talked for awhile, and I ended up renting the slip for a couple of weeks (just some smallish number of L for 30 or so prims right on the pier there; very nice).

Turns out that the Eden sims are a group of ten or so regions contiguous to the Fruit sims, which are a group of even more regions, all of them lovely and watery and perfect for sailing, as well as actively managed by some apparently-clued people.

Eden And Fruit

It’s big, maybe the size of the Blake Sea, and equally sailable, with I think more islands and less plain open water, and therefore more interesting (and a bit more challenging) to sail about in. I did not take a SLURL, but if you search the map for “Eden Naturopolis”, that should

I suspect I will be doing some hanging-about in the area! :) Assuming I get a chance to get inworld more soon. And I don’t get distracted by anything shiny…

Update: Here’s the Eden website.

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