Alpha Point / Omega Point

I am not organized enough to have figured out the relationship between these two sims, but they are (currently) right next to each other, and both gorgeous. I’d read about Omega Point in various places, but it was Ava’s Omega Point Slideshow that got me to visit (see also her Alpha Point slideshow). See also the creators weblog (in Japanese), the Omega Point flickr group, the Alpha Point entry in the SL Destination Guide, Honour on Alpha Point, Honour on Omega Point, and so on and so on.

But mostly, I took some pictures there! Here are a few of them! Click through to flickr for some more, or for huger versions of these, or even watch the pretty slideshow!









It’s really astounding.

Quite many more Burn2 pictures!

I have been having a great time working on my Burn2 build, pedaling around the playa looking at other peoples’s ones, and like that. Also taking pictures!

Here I am on my bike, returning from a notional quick trip back to civilization for more chocolate and apparently stuffed animals:

Back from a quick supply run

Entering along the road from the notional last outpost of civilization, there’s some nice monumental stuff as one comes onto the Playa, including the DMV.

Onto the playa


The DMV folks seem to be working on some cool vehicles; but I like my classic Arcadia Asylum Hobo bicycle.

The Rangers are the best dug-in people on the playa so far; they got here first, after all.

Their dome is quite a landmark. And they have bunches of buildings!

Passing the Ranger Dome

I just hope us builders are rambunctious enough to give them something to do. :)

Finally there’s my box in the middle distance!

Almost there

It’s a longish pedal. (I wonder if that is another ranger dome on the horizon there.)

Home at last:

Camp Sweet Camp

That day I hung some cloth from the wooden awning there to keep the sun off, and made flags of my own with the Burn2 logo (and mine are Free To Copy, unlike Some People’s!), and met one of my next-camp neighbors.

Also sometime recently, an adorable little stoat or vole or sloth or something waddled through curiously:

Adorable visitor at Burn2 camp

and I’ve now pretty much finished off the place! The first draft, anyway. :) And I thought of a name.

So here is Ten Thousand Things Camp:

Ten Thousand Things Camp

The Blue truck and Red building in the background are not mine (although the shadow cast on the ground by the red building is, heehee). Nor is the wooden platform and stuff across the road.

Nor is the streetsign, that’s infrastructure. Apparently I am at the corner of Seoul and 6:00. Okay!

The Big Box and the Round Striped Tent-thing and the Awning and Old Car and Comfy Seats and Infoboxes and Fire Swirls and Random Junk are all mine, though. :) Many will be Free To Copy when the place opens and you come by!

The way that can be trodden is not the eternal way.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of Heaven and Earth.
The named is the mother of the Ten Thousand Things.

And now there’s less than a month left until Opening Day.

Time Until Event

Plenty of time to fiddle with the build and peddle around nosing into other people’s. :)

Feelin’ Groovy

Here I am, just Being, in my little piece of the SecondStock sim, where they’re doing a recreation / celebration of the original Woodstock festival. One of the organizers TPd me over and convinced me to rent one of their little stalls. I made some Tshirts and some books, put them out as freebies, and put out a tipjar. Grooviness!

Common Goods Snapshot

(Click through to flickr for access to more detailed larger size.) Books (not counting the Hobo bookcase) include Dharma Bums, Be Here Now (and see also the Be Here Now carpet), The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment (my favorite obscure hippie philosophy book), Hippies from A to Z (lols), and (on the ground slightly under a crate) the first annual Swimsuit Edition of High Times. Various T-shirts in the T-shirt vendor, two classic Arcadia Asylum freebie vendors with very cool (if high-prim) hobo things, a lovely colorful mushroom by Sabrinaa Nightfire (who was kind enough to let me give that away too), a couple of meditation balls, and a freebie psychedelic chair. What more could one want? Well, drugs of course, but there are lots of those in the other booths nearby. :)

Note: I seem to have been in SL quite a bit less lately (there may even have been a day when I didn’t get inworld at all!). Not taking a hiatus or anything, and definitely not a reflection on any of many beloved v good friends there. Just feeling a sort of early-fall hibernating mood, I think, and also a huge unpaid sleep debt. :) I imagine I’ll be back to more or less my old ways before long. So don’t worry!


Another build that I’m extremely fond of is Indolence, a dance club that I built once just because I’d never really built a conventional structure before, and I (hem hem) had significant experience with dance clubs. Here’s a not really very good shot of it (the only thing I’ve ever posted to Snapzilla) from some time back:


The lovely reading-lillies are from Rhea Newall of Ribbons & Roses, one of my favorite people evar; the pictures of ladies’ bottoms dimly visible above the stage are by Callipygian Christensen (another favorite person), etc, etc.

Despite being a dance club in form (right down the the box that gives out free logo T-shirts), I’ve never actually had a party or a dance or an event there. In fact there may never have been more than three people there at once.

I really ought to do something about that…

The floating rocks (tx to Roger Dean)

One easy thing to stick in a weblog is like pictures an’ stuff of my various builds. Here’s the Floating Rocks build:

Roger Dean Build

It’s Roger Dean inspired, clearly; click through to the Flickr page for details.

It’s also right above my park (see previous posting). I was down in the park the other day and noticed a green up-arrow nearby on the minimap, but there was nothing in my AV-radar (really need to make that device that sends probes up and down to be able to radar more of the vertical column). I figured they must be up in the rocks, so I used the little TP arrows to go up, and there were an Elfish Lord and Lady type lounging around. I said Hi and Welcome and they said nice things about the build, and I forgot to ask them how they happened to run across it, then I stepped off the edge (wheeee!) and returned to ground level.

That was fun. :)

The Park at Hughes Rise

Here is a picture that I put up on Flickr. It’s set in Second Life! Whoa. The New Park, Hughes Rise

That’s boy-me, sitting in my then-new (still new, really) park in Hughes Rise. Click through to the Flickr page for details.