Blake Sea Ferry

I have a vendor spot in the “Boats” area at Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot, and I’ve been working on a boat to sell there, hanging out in the Blake Sea – Azimuth rezzing area as a workspace for no particular reason. And every once in awhile a big empty boat would pass by.

The other day I sat on the boat to see what would happen, and found myself in the pilot’s seat, pretend-steering the ferry between various islands. I happened to be IMing nice friend Mallow at the time, and TPd her over to see. When she sat, she appeared in the pilothouse next to me, co-piloting away:

Isles _ Blake Sea - Kraken (84, 8, 27)

(Nice pale Windlight sky preset whose name I don’t remember.)

I know I’ve been sort of skeptical about Linden-run builds in SL, and that includes, directly or indirectly, alot of the stuff in the Blake Sea.

But I can’t deny that they can be fun, and also really lovely…

Sea Spray _ Blake Sea - Jones Locker (222, 26, 27)

See you on the high seas! :)

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  1. Funny, after a similar experience lately I’d been hoping to make time to cite this exact same beautiful island and ferry in response to your concerns, as an example where Community Partnership with the Linden’s seems to have worked (the Blake sea, I discovered from reading as being the only stretch of Linden sims connecting any island estates with the mainland, I think, creating a richer virtual world).

    Once again great job and great photos!

    • Ty ty! :) In theory I think that the Right Thing would be for Residents to create stuff this neat without the Lab having to specifically endorse any specific effort to do so (over others not so endorsed). But I have to admit that this particular example of not-the-Right-Thing is really nice. :)

  2. I really wish all the voids were filled in with ocean and navigable :(

  3. Ahahahah!

    I *knew* your name was familiar to me yesterday (Sunday) when you came by in Peter Pan mode – I just couldn’t place it.

    Didn’t know you made boats. Let me know if you do a Tall Ship circa 16th through 18th centuries. Cannon or not, as long as it sales on SL wind, I’m game.

    I collect them. ;)

    Twas nice to meet ya. (And I’m not a full-time Buccaneer… the “P” word is so hurtful and discriminatory. LOL

    Now those boneheads in First Life government, those be pirates in the truest sense o’ the word.

    • Wave wave! I think I have seen your name through Adric’s weblog too or something, unless that was someone else with the same or a vaguely similar or completely different name.

      I don’t usually make boats, and when I entered the lottery I coulda *sworn* I entered in the “flying vehicles” category, but since I won a space in the Boats area I figured it was a Sign. I am more a scripter than a visual builder, so my boat will more likely be a rather abstract 1-to-6-prim thing with some semi-fancy functional features rather than a recreation of anything real.

      Was nice to meetcha indeed! I hope I was not rude to other person on ship there. :) Hi an’ apologies to other person if I was!

  4. Hahah! No – I was going to invite you aboard and let you play with the cannons. >:)

    But you seemed busy.

    Yes, Adric harasses me at my own blog quite often (Common Sensible) – so I throw back at him sometimes. ;)

    I’ll build a six-hundred-prim ship, and you make it go. Okay? -winks-

    • Sounds good to me! :) Builder-scripter collaborations are Teh Thing!

      Yeah, I was sorta in a hurry, ’cause I think today is the first day I can put stuff on the little vendor plot, and the boat is not quiiiite finished yet (let alone the guest-rezzer, an’ the marketing materials, an’…). I’m so easily distracted…

  5. Builder-Scripter collaboration resulted in the 1635 prim Ernestina, a 19th century sailable schooner – full perm and available on Xstreet for FREE:

    • I have a copy of that! :) I will have to mention it in my upcoming post on the NewYork sims (’cause I know there is a Ernestina there).

  6. […] big, maybe the size of the Blake Sea, and equally sailable, with I think more islands and less plain open water, and therefore more […]

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