Plummeting again!


“I’m supposed to jump off? Naked?”

“Boy Dale did it last year; now you get to!”

“My joy is indescribable. Naked?”

“It’s the tradition.”


“Okay, naked, check.”

“Well, um…”

“Hey, no clothing at all!”

(As I’m writing this, I realize that I think I stole this idea from v good friend Michele, who mentioned she’d been thinking about a rezday jump in an alpha.tribe skin; I hope I am not selfishly stealing her thunder. Her rezday was a few day ago; Happy Rezday, Michele!)

“Oh, all right. Now, the umbrella.”

“I’m thinking, parachute.”

“The umbrella is traditional.”

“Ha, I remember he used the umbrella last year, and if he hadn’t been lucky and drifted off of damage-enabled land on the way down, he would have been killed!”

“Which would have meant being teleported about ten meters to the left; not too scary.”

“It’s the principle of the thing. Besides, my Terra e-chute, by Cubey Terra, rocks.”

“But it’s not –”



“Oh, all right.”


Falling so fast, my hair and neko ears couldn’t keep up.

Until the ‘chute deployed.




Drifting gracefully over Hughes Rise.

And into a smooth landing on the Dreamliner over the Park.


“Hey! Gesture gesture! Thanks for coming by to watch the nude skydiving!”


That was fun. :)

I don’t have alot profound to say on this rezday; feels like the last one was just last week.

Various things have happened, and started, and stopped, but the important things are the same.

This is the neatest world ever, and I have the bestest friends. :)

Thank you!

13 Responses

  1. Happy Rez Day cutie! :)

  2. how time does fly…yes, I seem to feel it cant have been a whole year can it?
    Congrats…its been an interesting year!

    • Or an interesting week. :) If I get time to breathe I might write down some sort of rambling about what actually has happened in the last year. But more likely I’ll just get distracted by something shiny…

  3. A week seems about right… maybe because I remember your last rezday post so well, from which I learned about the tradition.

    My third in SL is a week and a half away – just might log in long enough to take the plunge. And I think we’ll have to export the tradition to InWorldz, too — we’ve got more than one rezday per year, now.

    Happy Rezday, Dale!

  4. You soar so spectacularly, naturally so! Happy happy ever so very very happy rez day and every day, spectacular you! (And wearing Alpha Tribe is an idea that we thought up together at the same time, so the thunder is always enhanced never diminished! My weblog rez day jump entry to come. Wheeeeeee!)

  5. Happy Rezday! It was mine (well, the HBA me, not the Ryne me) on the 19th – I was the big four :-D

  6. There is a Flickr Group for Rez Day Jumpers.

    We would love to have you post your pics there.

    Happy Rez Day!

  7. […] about, shared with everyone, and participated in for the past two years.  True to every form, Dale soars so naturally in the Rez Day jump.  I don’t know how Dale captured the prejump and inflight […]

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