Arcadia Asylum Museum and Library Event!

This from Immy. (Arcadia Asylum is a legendary creator of wonderful high-quality urban-grunge freebies and self-distributing vendors for same; the Museum and Library is carrying on in that admirable tradition.)

The Arcadia Asylum Museum and Library is delighted to invite you to participate in the release launch of its new collection , featuring the works of Aley Arai from the famous Privateer space sim, bringin the total library collection to almost 600 pieces available for free to all. Woot !

Join us at at the Arcadia Museum and Library at 3 PM SLT on wednesday the 29th when the vendors containing the new collection will be open to the public. We’re celebrating the release of this new collection by exhibiting some of the pieces available in a special expo, where you’re welcome to join us for the following events :

on Wednesday at 4 PM SLT, Arcadia will be chatting with her friend Immy (aka as imnotgoing Sideways)

If you can’t make it to the library on Wednesday, catch up with Arcadia and Immy on Thursday the 30th at 1PM, followed by the music of AM Quar at 2PM, or at 7.30 PM on Thursday.

Here’s where its all happening :

/me tries to figure out when I can go myself…

Close to the Edge…

A friend TPd me somewhere the other day to show me a house she was building, and although I could tell we were on the mainland, the map was being kinda slow and I couldn’t figure out which continent we were on (without being rude and ignoring her to scroll around on the map alot).

(See my post the other month with the map of the continents.)

So I decided to write a script that will tell me, with some plausible accuracy, which continent I’m on at any given time. I’ll probably post it to the wiki or something when it’s done.

So far I have Jeogeot and Sansara and Heterocera and Bay City (okay, Bay City isn’t exactly a continent; close enough!) and Satori and Nautilus and Corsica in it, and I was looking at the map to see what to add next…


… when I thought to myself “Is Gaeta I really sort of sliced in half like that?”.

So I went to look…


Wild, it is; what a sharp edge to the world! I wonder what it looks like from the other side…


Good heavens, the world is hollow!!

Learn something new every day…