Inworld Review Nov. 6th- With Mal Burns. Featured Guests: Karima Hoisan & Dale Innis

Fame! :) Try not to listen to the parts where I talk, because I sound nervous and kind of doofy. Maybe I should claim I was using a voice Morpher!

But thanks as usual to Karima for making and posting this clip; enjoy!

Digital Rabbit Hole

Hi everyone,
I am excited to share with you a 30 minute version of Inworld Review that was filmed live yesterday. Inworld Review is made weekly and is the definitive media talk show for all that is virtual on The Open Simulator grid (which is basically all virtual worlds outside of Second Life.
The actual show, created and hosted by Mal Burns with co-host, Thirza Ember was two hours long.
I tried to show some highlights of our talk.. Both Dale and I were honored to be invited as special guests. I have included the clips of what we discussed and I hope you will enjoy watching snippets of the show.
Mal & Thirza are very well-known and loved in the virtual hypergrid community.
Thank you again for featuring our collaborations in this area. It was great fun to be on:)

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