Glyph Graves, Sporadic Elements

Glyph Graves, Sporadic Elements

Come quick, or this weird writhing alien shape will eat me up.

Ooops, too late!

:) Come anyway, though, it’s neat. Glyph Graves makes very cool things. (Often cool moving things; if I were ‘leeter I would post a movie of the very organic writhing of the thing, rather than just this ol’ fashioned pitcher.)

From the invite:

Glyph Graves invites you to “Sporadic Elements” [landmark]
(Sunset is the preferred lighting if you please ^^)

Glyph shares with you a small exhibition of things that have rarely been shown or never have. On the roof is habitat to habitation from the Liquidity installation as well as a varient small form of the windsculpture. All are welcome :)

Highly rec.

P.S. Looks like I escaped.
Looks like I escaped
Unless this is what the inside of a writhing alien thing looks like. And it might be! You never know…

Gracie’s book!

At Gracie's

Lounging among some of the 1000+ avatar pictures (including one of me!) at Gracie’s latest location.

I’ve pre-ordered the RL book, and you can too!

I suspect this will be one of my very favorite coffeetable books ever. :)

(You can also get an inworld ThincBook preview of the RL book at that location, which is fun. And the sim down on the ground, California State University at Northridge, is a nice peaceful academic build with paths to wander and art to look at and University buildings to feel studious around; worth exploring after you admire all the AVs in Gracie’s pictures.)