Love Donna Flora; fashion for a cause

SL peoples love shopping for a cause, as do RL peoples for that matter, and while it’s just as subject as RL causes to the usual “why do you put energy into THIS when there is also THAT?” sort of questioning, I still think it is a Great Thing.

The other day (was that just yesterday?) Michele passed me a notecard about Love Donna Flora, a sim-sized event to help with the medical expenses of one of our creators.

The Love Donna Flora event will open on July 25th @ 12:01 AM and close at midnight on August 11th. It will feature work from more than 100 creators with proceeds going to Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.

The arrival point point is in the center of the sim, which is a little confusing at first, but follow one of the nice cart-paths out toward the edge, and you’ll come to the main path, all around the sim, lined by picturesque carts selling all manner of things.

And it’s in a good cause!

(Look for the purple DNF logo signs on the signs; the contribution rate varies; many are 100%)

Okay, with all that out of the way :) here is the real reason for the post: a picture of me!

at Love Donna Flora

Wearing mostly random things, but at least I’m at the place. :)

Dress (actually from the event!): Klepsydra – Georgia – Black – Love Donna Flora.
Despite being mesh :) it sort of almost fits me; M, shown here, it just a tad small in a couple of spots; L makes me look curvier than I really am.

Hair: A&A Kaya, Dark Brown.
A 50L special in the Attic at VreMode.

Choker: Nizam Pearl Choker.
From Zaara

Tatt: Guanshiyin.
From CoLLisions

Leggings: Stripey Tights (Sheer) from Gauze

SL Auction; Belle Harbor Yacht Club build fundraiser for Belle Harbor Victims of hurricane Sandy

Mostly a pointer to this item on friend RJ’s weblog:

It was just in April that I was building a new discovery, the lovely Belle Harbor Yacht Club (1914) is a quintessential example of a private yacht club during the golden age of sail’s twilight. Below is a picture of the yacht club in Second Life, and a gallery of the yacht club as it looks today. The trouble with Real Life is the real weather that came with the storm this October. Sandy has changed a lot of lives, including those close to me. You can see more pics on my facebook gallery. An auction of this never-sold item is raising funds for the victims of this storm. The auction will be taking place for three days, at this location, bids will be taken, all proceeds will go to victim relief in the Rockaways. Winning bid takes home the Yacht Club Build on Nov. 23, at 3pm ET. Thank you everyone for donating!

Pictures and stuff on original post. A good cause!

Give the real money first

There’s alot of really admirable charity activity in Second Life; builds and events and auctions and awareness-raising and all.

In the back of my mind there’s always a worry, though, about the actual fund-raising that SL charitable activities do. With a handful of exceptions, the amount of real-world money raised in SL tends to be on the small side of middling, in RL terms.

I know that for myself, I feel pretty generous if I give 1000L to some charity donation box, whereas I’d feel sort of cheap giving US$5 in real life. But 1000L is of course less than US$5, so it’s sort of silly. And if giving 1000L inworld makes me feel subconsciously like I’ve Done That, so I never get around to giving say US$25 in real life, that’s not a net gain.

SL donation tends to be extremely convenient, of course, and if that leads to people who would normally not bother to give anything at all giving a few hundred or thousand Linden dollars, that’s great. But for people who want to, can afford to, and can remember to give real money, I think it’s a good idea to do that first. And if you (we) then dive into the SL activities, the Red Cross benefit sales, benefit concerts, and all the other things happening in and around SL, that’s terrific; every additional bit is that much more good done.

But I would recommend at least considering giving the real money first…

Dale for Sale!

That’s me over there in the nice blue dress (a Nicky Ree freebie I’m pretty sure it was). I have my hands over my head like that, not because I’m pretending to be a bird or something, but because I’m pretending to be like tied to a pole which isn’t actually there, because I’m being auctioned off as part of the big SL Bloggers’ Party and charity auction (later in the auction I changed into a skimpy little bikini at the instruction of the auctioneer, but so far authorities have not located any pictures of that).

I hadn’t really planned to auction myself or to bid on anyone, mostly because I didn’t think I’d actually remember to attend. (One of the ways that I relax in SL is by never remembering when anything is scheduled for.) But someone IM’d me from the auction (because, in fact, they thought I might want to bid on botgirl, I think it was), and since I was just sort of hanging out with some ppls I TPd over and said Hi to everyone and stood around lagging and making fruitless (because I am cheap) bids on various famous personalities.

And then sort of on a whim I IMd the lovely auctioneer and asked if there was a huge line to be auctioned off, and she IMd back not long after saying “you want to go?”, and quickly enough to prevent myself from actually thinking about it I said “Sure!”, and there I was. I’m not sure in retrospect how incredibly clever this was (I mean, one is allowed to put conditions on the things that one is available to do during the 24 hours of servitude one owes the winner, so I laid out some conditions to prevent anything untoward, but still), but to my great good fortune I was won by v good friend Michele, and I expect the most onerous obligation I might find myself under will be to like say build something with her, which wouldn’t be bad at all. :)

(It occurs to me in retrospect that it might have been more interesting to be auctioned off as a boy; most of the other, um, offerings were also girls, maybe there would have been a different vibe. Of course then I might have been bought by someone less benign than Michele, so maybe it’s just as well!)

All sorts of interesting persons were bought and sold (botgirl in fact won one of the most notable purchases, as documented preliminarily here). We in the audience eventually worked out that the ownership graph now has at least one loop in it: Zoe bought Botgirl who bought Codie (as part of a package deal with Gabby) who in turn bought Zoe. At the very least, this means that each member of the cycle can indirectly give orders to herself, and as well as giving orders indirectly to her owner. (So Botgirl can say “Codie, tell Zoe to tell me to go out and buy some new positronic capacitors!”)

It’s a funny world…