I’m bein’ followed by a nose-shadow…

Okay, so I realize that this is reeeealy trival, but…

Here is a (scary) closeup of a (rather unflattering) picture of Boy Dale’s face. It is here not merely to frighten the children, but to call attention to the two odd shadows, or one shadow and one anti-shadow, one on either side of his (my) nose, down at the bottom.

See how there’s that one bright streak heading southwest into the shadowed side of my face, and one symmetrical dark streak heading southeast into the lit side?

What is up with those?

I’ve seen them on lots of other faces, too, they seem to be sort of built in. It’s not something subtle about the direction of the light or anything; they show up in lots of different conditions, not carefully hunted for.

Is this a quirk in the render pipeline somewhere? Is it fixed in some non-Imprudence viewer(s)? Has an alpha particle damaged the copy of OpenGL on my own personal hard drive here? Is it some weirdness in the SL face-mesh? Or are actual faces really like this, and I just didn’t notice? Or maybe it’s a clever SL watermark of some kind? (“While this appears to be a photograph of Jennifer Aniston holding up a liquor store, the nose-shadows reveal that it was cleverly forged using the Second Life world(c)(tm)(r) software platform.”)

Inquiring minds want to know!