Klara Part Three by Dale Innis & Karima Hoisan

The Klara Trilogy is done! After months of my struggling to finish the story and images, my collaborator created the third video from it, with amazing narration and music and transitions, in like a day. :) Enjoy!

Digital Rabbit Hole

Drum Roll……….
Hi everybody,
announcing the arrival of Klara Part Three, hot off the YouTube presses.
This is the last part of The Klara Trilogy.
For those of you who have not seen Klara Part One or Klara Part Two, you can find them here: Klara Part One and Klara Part Two
Also, more information on my blog post with more details on the story Klara on WP
Please watch it, Fullscreen in 1080 HD and good sound.
It’s a relaxing 8 minute story and it ends here. Dale & I hope you will enjoy our efforts:)
If you did, likes and comments are much appreciated here or on YouTube.
Sit back and relax and watch Part Three, the end of the journey for our Klara:)

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