Secret Stuff

Woot! Secret Things!

18 Responses

  1. OMG! (I luv secret things!)

  2. if i tell you, it won’t be a secret….

  3. psst..
    write it down.. fold it over.. and quietly.. when no one is looking.. slide it over. It will still be a secret.. just not between us. ;)

  4. No.

  5. This message is so secret that it will self destruct in 5 seconds…5…4…3..2…. :)

  6. I dont get it…… :-p

  7. … that’s ’cause of it is a Secret! shhhh….

  8. shhhh, I’m not telling :)

  9. I got a nice lil juicy secret. I know what Philip Rosedale is up to next.

  10. I am secretless… well, mostly.

  11. I love your use of invisible ink on your web site!

  12. plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝlnɹ oʇ ǝpoɔ ʇǝɹɔǝs

  13. … wonders why everyone is so fascinated by each others secretions.

  14. idk its fun

  15. I do hope you are still writhing these post.. I haven’t seen anything in a long time

  16. Is this also of the place?

  17. Why is there of the secret?

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