That is, a bunch of random recent pictures.

Wandering about near my place in Vallone, in wild and wooly Zindra, it turns out that the Liqueur Club, which vanished awhile back, has returned with a new name and motif, but I think the same owner:

After Glow

Hope they prosper!

The plot between my place and the road was originally a pawnshop, then a strip club (that never actually opened, as far as I know), then a Naughty Hospital (woot!), and now is again for sale:

Vallone For Sale

Come by and take a look!

(That is of course my platform in the background; and I don’t know why that species of Linden tree wasn’t rezzing just then. But the cherries are pretty!)

On the other side, further down the road, a neighbor has an art gallery featuring very attractive nude photographs (mostly of herself, I believe).

SLEA (Second Life Erotic Art)

I do love Zindra. :)

Back home on the subadult mainland, there’s still considerable land for sale in the Rise. There was a big mafia mansion between the Park and the Narrow Gallery for a bit (complete with limos, pool, and machine-gun nests), now replaced by a big vampire-mafia castle (stone, coffins, helipad). Just up the road from the Park Welcome annex, someone was putting up a nice little house, and I said Hi and we chatted a little.

And then aways further along the road, there’s Azadi Donuts:

Azadi Donuts

which is, and contains, various references to Iranian political movements, that I don’t know enough about to know whether it’s pro or con, straight-up or satire, or why there are all those vehicles like suspended in midair.

Speaking of not knowing things:

Cleanup Time!

Look, d00d, I leave my land open and my furniture unlocked because I am a Nice Person, but please try to clean up after yourself!

What were you doing that resulted in having eight invisible male bits scattered around the Dreamliner, anyway?

On second thought, I don’t think I want to know…


And finally, our burning question of the day: is the grid read for such beauty?

Is the world ready for such beauty?

Just askin’… :)

(This skin, which is so amazing I’m sort of afraid to wear it, is from ROCKBERRY; I think it’s a Kalista. The gorgeous armband and hair jewels are from Nizam (they were gifts, thank you thank you!), and the bracelets from Dark Eden. The clothing is random mix an’ match; I think that’s a “Simone!” top.)

Adric Antfarm

We note with deep regret the passing of a good friend.

Adric was a complicated person, a funny person, a person who often wore a clownish or grumpy or vulgar mask; but under the masks and the grumbling was someone good-hearted, warm, and I think more sensitive and caring than he could always bring himself to admit.

His weblog is a testament to humor and complexity and grumpiness, a wild place of talking cats and armed insurrection and sardonic humor. When he left us, he was working with Amalia on a Burning Life build that had a bouncy-castle, crayons, and a hopscotch court. Which I’m sure he would have taunted himself about extensively in the weblog.

Adric could always make me smile. I will miss him.

Quite many more Burn2 pictures!

I have been having a great time working on my Burn2 build, pedaling around the playa looking at other peoples’s ones, and like that. Also taking pictures!

Here I am on my bike, returning from a notional quick trip back to civilization for more chocolate and apparently stuffed animals:

Back from a quick supply run

Entering along the road from the notional last outpost of civilization, there’s some nice monumental stuff as one comes onto the Playa, including the DMV.

Onto the playa


The DMV folks seem to be working on some cool vehicles; but I like my classic Arcadia Asylum Hobo bicycle.

The Rangers are the best dug-in people on the playa so far; they got here first, after all.

Their dome is quite a landmark. And they have bunches of buildings!

Passing the Ranger Dome

I just hope us builders are rambunctious enough to give them something to do. :)

Finally there’s my box in the middle distance!

Almost there

It’s a longish pedal. (I wonder if that is another ranger dome on the horizon there.)

Home at last:

Camp Sweet Camp

That day I hung some cloth from the wooden awning there to keep the sun off, and made flags of my own with the Burn2 logo (and mine are Free To Copy, unlike Some People’s!), and met one of my next-camp neighbors.

Also sometime recently, an adorable little stoat or vole or sloth or something waddled through curiously:

Adorable visitor at Burn2 camp

and I’ve now pretty much finished off the place! The first draft, anyway. :) And I thought of a name.

So here is Ten Thousand Things Camp:

Ten Thousand Things Camp

The Blue truck and Red building in the background are not mine (although the shadow cast on the ground by the red building is, heehee). Nor is the wooden platform and stuff across the road.

Nor is the streetsign, that’s infrastructure. Apparently I am at the corner of Seoul and 6:00. Okay!

The Big Box and the Round Striped Tent-thing and the Awning and Old Car and Comfy Seats and Infoboxes and Fire Swirls and Random Junk are all mine, though. :) Many will be Free To Copy when the place opens and you come by!

The way that can be trodden is not the eternal way.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of Heaven and Earth.
The named is the mother of the Ten Thousand Things.

And now there’s less than a month left until Opening Day.

Time Until Event

Plenty of time to fiddle with the build and peddle around nosing into other people’s. :)

Searching for the Guru of Blue Mars

I read somewhere that there’s this Buddhist Jnana Bodhi (one knowledgeable in asking?) who stands on the rock outcrop in the Blue Mars Welcome Area, being all wise an’ stuff.

So of course I had to drop by!

My lesson from the universe on this occasion was somewhat different from the one that caught my attention, being a woman in a Grid Rock City hat with “Bitchy” floating over her head, staring silently (and eerily) into the camera, an’ ignoring me.

But y’know what they say! Perfect time, perfect place; perfect teacher, perfect student…

(More on that other rock-stander can be found here and also here, at least until AR’s lawyers notice.)

Rise for Sale

I waited impatiently for land in Hughes Rise to go on sale for just days and days, and opened a ticket about getting the abandoned land freed up, and then finally and simultaneously found a nice piece of cheap land to complete my tier and also had an actual Linden come by and put the abandoned land up for auction.

So now I am finally all tiered up in the Rise, with lots of lovely available prims, and don’t have to constantly watch for for-sale land anymore.

And, of course, there is now tons of it. :)

Rise For Sale

(Green is mine, orange is for sale, red is Other.)

Cheap, too: some of it is under 2L per square meter, some of it is slightly over 4. Come and get it!

My Burn2 camp exists!

Just a quick picture for possible interest-whetting. :) The playa is open only to builders at the moment; public opening is mid-October.

BURN2 plot -- sneak preview

I’m happy to see from the Burn2 site that Inner Child Camp and the Stilt Bitches are among the returning theme camps. And also happy to see Nish Mip (whose weblog I adore), and some names I don’t know who I expect will surprise and delight.

(Whispers: there are still some plots available, too; do you have one yet? It’s gonna be a fun time. :) )

Joyous St. Torley’s Day! Yayzerama!

I wasn’t planning another weblog posting so soon after the last one (like I ever plan anything), but then I was reminded what day it is, and I ran inworld for the services and afterparty.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone about the service itself; we’re all familiar with the St. Torley litany from services in our childhoods. Pastor Samantha did the usual heartwarming slideshow, updated to the present day, to the traditional accompaniment of Torley’s own music, in the First Church of Rosedale in the Promised Land of Zindra.

(I must say I am somewhat alarmed by the increasingly secular character of the Resident population these days; concurrency at the time of the service was over 50,000, and I would say we had less than half that many at the Church!)

But in any case, I got some pictures from the service itself:

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 1

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 2

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 3

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 4

(If you’re in one of these, feel free to click through to flickr and add yourself to the “people appearing in” thing! If you can figure out how!)

The afterparty, at Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, was a Good Time, with live SL-related (and some zombie-related) music from Kaklick Martin. I started out only slightly appropriately dressed (with the pink fluffy mohawk):

St. Torley's Day Party, 1

but (after cursing a bit at Edit Appearance) ended up much more properly attired:

St. Torley's Day Party, 4

(The green top is a texture from Sabrinaa Nightfire; the pink pants are one from Torley himself.)

Here’s Mr. Martin, whose performance was highly entertaining (although some of us thought that the lyrics to “Imagine there’s no Lindens” were a bit heterodox):

St. Torley's Day Party, 3

A good time was had by all.

St. Torley's Day Party, 2

And I made up a special wearable particle-fountain for the occasion.

St. Torley's Day Party, 5

Hope to see even more of you at Services next year. Yayzerama!