More things!

I’ve been neglecting the Thingmaker lately, out of frustration about how it kept hitting the Grey Goo Fence (i.e. getting “rapid or recursive rez” errors, even though it does only slow and non-recursive rezzing), but then the other night it dawned on me how to modify the script and the object so that it needs do no rezzing at all.

The new Thingmaker is faster, and doesn’t hit the fence. So here are some of its creations that I liked the most so far…

Thingmaker v2, #1Thingmaker v2, #2
Thingmaker v2, #3
Thingmaker v2, #4Thingmaker v2, #7Thingmaker v2, #6Thingmaker v2, #5



Woot! :)

I’m not sure if virtual cleavage counts, but just in case…

For background, see the original post and the amusing metapost followup (the Internet is such an odd place).

And in fairness to the nutball who apparently started the whole thing, his actual claim was not that immodest dress causes earthquakes directly, but that immodest dress leads to adultery, and that leads to earthquakes.

Which really makes even less sense than the direct-causation theory, if that’s possible…

“Charmed” skin, in “30 Rubies”, from Celestial Studios
“Bedded Attitude – Dirty Blonde” hair from ETD
Neko 08 w/Highlights, eyes from Jenika Connolly
Black Designer Eyeglasses, so old they don’t even show a creator
Republic of Mu Flag bikini top, from the memorable Artemis Fate
Mayoness necklace and bracelet from Phoenix Design
Jeans with Black Leather Belt from Abbie’s (Abbie Donovan)

Darn those sim-boundary crossings…

Darn Sim Crossings...

Sitting pensively on my favorite motorbike, askew in the surf after a bad (although non-fatal for a change!) crossing from one sim to another, yet again in the south-coast stretch of Route 7 that I wrote about the other day.

Was having a really hard time at sim edges; maybe because both me and the bike were pretty primmy, and scripted, maybe because of some gremlins in the Lab network that day.

But I got a nice picture out of it. :)