Canary Beck on Ambient Sound in SL

Although it is apparently based on a NWN article that I do not have the patience to read today (NWN is so often annoying; see prior satire), this piece by Canary Beck is well worth a read (and not long):

Ambient Sound in Second Life

and there is an optional pretty and instructive “Sights and Sounds of Basilique” video that you can watch / listen to.

I have a couple of “pretty nature sounds” objects that I tend to drop copies of onto parcels that I own, but I may be inspired this Canary Beck post to put a little more effort than that into it…  :)

Meanwhile in Minecraft…

(Shout outs to the Burro who tends to use similar titles.)

Minecraft, and in particular Minecraft Portable Edition in single-player mode, which is what I do, is much lower-overhead than SL. Tiny computer that I always have with me, no noisy fans or tangly power cords to deal with, no other persons to worry about rudely ignoring or suddenly logging out on, usw.

Of course there’s also orders of magnitude less stuff to do, and no interesting people to interact with whilst doing it. :) But there we are. It fits nicely into the tiny slivers of time that I seem to have lately (in contrast to the richer but rarer larger chunks of time which favor SL).

Attentive readers who have read even postings that I may never have gotten around to writing may recall the problem we’ve always had in MCPE with animals going aquatic.

Aquatic Animals

That’s an old picture of some sheep and cows swimming about in one of the seas, where they are hard to shear or milk, and look silly. (I suspect a bug or roundoff error or something in the animal-wandering code in MCPE, that causes them to tend to stay near the edges of the map, which is where my seas are.)

The other day I got tired of this, as well as tired of mining way down deep in the mines for awhile, and built some fences and stuff. And viola!

Farm Pen

That is the brand new Animal Enclosure (or whatever the agrarian name is) out at The Farm, featuring a number of captured sheeps and cows and chickens. And the Enclosure out at Lonely Lake:

Lake Pen

which so far has just sheeps.

It is now Much Easier to collect eggs and milk and wool and whatnot (no more swimming or skindiving involved).

Known renegade animals include one Piggy seen deep in the interior the other day, and one last swimming sheep ‘way ‘way off at the edge of the map:

One Swimmer Left

They will be assimilated! Maybe eventually!

(Also, MCPE players who haven’t yet should try hitting a grassy ground square with Bone Meal. Woot! I did this by accident, and was delighted. Also, hitting the leaves of a tree with the Sheep Shears is good.)

Now in fact being able to more easily get Milk and Eggs and Wool isn’t necessarily a Good Thing, since I already have lots of stuff of all sorts, and not necessarily enough places to keep it. Sort of like SL! And RL for that matter!

Most of my Chests are scattered here and there around the world, and full of unsorted and unlabeled Stuff (mostly Cobblestone). Here is the rather cluttered storage area of the Main Desert Base, for instance:

Messy Boxes

(At least we have double-size chests now!)

Finding anything in them is hard, as is trying to move stuff between them in order to give some semblance of organization so as to make it easier.

Walking down some long bare-walled hallway the other day, I for some reason pictured to myself an amusing scene in which the hallway was lined with little Shopping Mall style stores, with windows and doors and display cases and signs and stuff. (H&M Lonely Lake; big sale today only!)

I started fiddling around and actually building one last night just for grins, and once I’d done that and stepped back from it I was suddenly (thunder) struck with the realization that this could actually be Incredibly Useful for organizing things!

So here is what that first store looks like now:

Paper and so on

and you can guess what is in the chest inside. :) The little Nether Reactor Core to the left is just for decoration.

And having done that and been Extremely Pleased, I started making and filling more spaces in that long hallway (between the Desert Mine and Lonely Lake, the long way not the shortcut) with other marked chests, f’rinstance:

String and Bones

and now the upstairs chests are no longer all cluttered with string and bones (and I’ve reserved a big area down there for chests full of Cobblestones), and I can eventually get rid of some of the chests up there so as to have more space for Palatial Thronerooms or whathaveyou.

Woot! :)

Almost inspires me to start boxing up stuff in SL, rather than carrying all eighty-five thousand (literally) things in inventory all the time.

But only almost…

More White Wood

I have been having more fun building. Usually I start building something, decide I don’t like it, put it in inventory, and then mostly never see it again; but this white-wood beach-stuff theme is working out nicely for some reason.

More white wood!

Here I am in some nice griefless sandbox some day recently, working on them. In addition to the existing Beach Shack (left), there is now a Beach Garage (center, with swinging-up front doors), and a Beach Fish-Drying or Stuff-Selling or Whatever Shed (right), with swinging-down back shelf for fish or stuff.


I may eventually box these two (and the brick one, and the two darker-wood ones that I’m not sure are done yet) up to put into the Marketplace store also, once I’ve fiddled extensively with them for awhile. The shed is like 11 Land Impact, and the garage is like 21 (for some reason fiddling around with physics type isn’t helping any there at the moment). The brick one is 17, I think (and has two floors!).

Maybe I will even put up a little store (in the shed, maybe!) high above the Rise somewhere; that would be fun! Of course I might be sad if I did that and it had no customers at all… :)

Secrets of prim-shaping revealed!

Prim Twisting
I don’t usually post tiny little “here’s a link you should go see” things to th’ ol’ weblog here, but this one is just too good not to spread around. From this writeup on Massively, I found Ayumi Cassini’s “The ultimate guide to prim twisting“, which describes simply and straightforwardly the exact prim twiddlings needed to get this lovely set of (non-scuplty) prim shapes, of the kind that I am forever staring at in the builds and sculptures of those more skilled than I, and thinking

That’s only one prim? How the fleen did they dooooo that?”.

So now I know. And you can too! :)

Spontaneous collaborative building FTW!

I was wandering around with v nice friend Michele the other day, shopping in a vague way for a nice marble or stone or something pool or bath or water-thing for lounging around sybaritically (oooh, there’s a word that the spellchecker doesn’t know (haha and “spellchecker” is another)). She found one that was almost right, but it was a little pricey, and it had these like sculpted cherubim pouring water out of jugs that were a bit much for the use-case.

And suddenly I remembered what universe we were in, and I said “you know we could just go over to the land and build one, and it would be free and wouldn’t have like cherubim and stuff”, and so we went over to the land and did that:

By the pool

I did the prim-wrangling, and Michele did the “wait, that oval cutout looked good” and the “it needs vines” and the “wait go back to that last texture” part. And in I dunno half an hour or something we had a very nice little pool, just 18 prims including lights and the mist and the various freebie sits around it, and some of her cushions and pillows and things tossed casually around, and I could float on my back looking at the stars while we talked about the meaning of life or whatever.

(It took a little more than half an hour to get it really right, because the water and the vines need to be phantom and the rest of it needs to be non-phantom, which means it needs to be two separate objects, but that’s a drag, so now there’s a control menu that lets you “empty” and “fill” the pool, which derezzes and rerezzes the water and the vines as desired. I also added the occasional passing butterflies (upper left) and soft fireworks (not pictured) after the main build. And ouch look, that closest pillar isn’t perfectly aligned; have to go in and fix that! :) )

This is one of the greatest things about SL. Not that I’m against commerce, and don’t have plenty of bought objects myself. But the ability to sit down with a friend and just make something on the spur of the moment (or for that matter with days of advance planning; that’s great too) is so amazingly wonderful…