Infestation in Tofalar

Shortly after I logged in last night, v good friend Michelle (who’s posted her own picture of this) IM’d to say that there was a griefing incident in progress near her. So I popped over to take a look.

Infestation in Tofalar

There were big glowing color-changing physical cubes all over the place, bouncing noisily around and flying through the air and getting in the way.

Quite pretty, but annoying! Especially if one was an owner or trying to be a patron of the stores that they were being spawned in.

Everyone around filed ARs, and I left IMs with the store owner (who can return the spawners) and the owner of the cubes and spawners (inquiring just what the heck he was doing).

Surveying the Infestation

One very useful resource during incidents like this is a one-prim non-physical pseudo-vehicle, like the hoverdisc I’m sitting on here. While seated on a non-physical thing, you can pass right through pretty much anything but a banline or a very sophisticated shield/weapon, and colorful bouncing griefing-cubes are no longer a barrier to mobility.

The Area Object Scan, under Advanced in the Imprudence menu, is also very useful for finding things like griefing-cube spawners. :) In this case they turned out to be two plywood cubes sitting in the unfortunate store in the middle of the cube-storm. I specifically ARd one of them; I wonder if any Lindens ever showed up to destroy them…

Interestingly, except for the cubes themselves bonking into one alla time, the griefing didn’t seem to be having a significant effect on the sim. How far we’ve come! In the old days I think Tofalar, and maybe one or two adjacent sims in all directions, would have been either lagged beyond the possibility of movement, or entirely crashed.

Don’t let anyone say LL hasn’t improved the performance of the Grid over the years. :)

Update: On checking early this afternoon, I was surprised to find the cube-rezzing still going strong. I put in another AR, and went into Live Help (being a Premium Resident an’ all). Live Help asked me for my SL name and RL name and Security Question and birthdate and the last four numbers of my credit card, and then came inworld and said “Wow” and went away for awhile and came back and told me that I had to file a ticket (or actually a “TKT”, haha). So I laughed and filed another AR and also opened a ticket and also talked about it and posted a Group Notice on a group that I know has a Linden or two on it, and before long another Scout came by and bang returned all the nasty objects, and then Tiggs Linden stopped by just to see that everything was cleaned up. So that was nice! (The person who fixed it up said that Live Help isn’t empowered to deal with Abuse stuff, which seems sorta odd.) Pretty as it was, it was annoying, and it’s good it’s not there anymore…

Continent Detector

The continental structure of the Grid is so cool, and so many people have no idea.

Locator: Studying the Map

What can we do to help Raise Awareness?

Of course! We can write a script!

Locator: Hughes Rise

The script, stylishly installed in a subtly-glowing purple cube over my head, informs me that Hughes Rise is in Jeogeot. Which it is!

Locator: Zindra

And my place in Zindra is… in Zindra! (Which you can also tell because of the Racy Pictures in the background.)

Locator: Pteron

And Pteron (like many many other estate islands) is in the Western Ocean (so named by me, in the script).

Another blow struck for Geographical Awareness! :)


So RL has been crazy busy, but we did get ourselves the new WoW expansion, and I’ve been having some fun (during boring conference calls and things heh heh). Mostly with ol’ Spennix, although I’ve also made a Worgen mage (that was interesting while he was in the new Worgen part; now that he’s in the usual lowish-level parts of the game, not so much).

Anyway, Spennix!

Just before Cataclysm came out, there were various one-time events, like the retaking of the above-ground parts of Gnomeregan from the bad guys.

Here is Spennix on her gnomish battlestrider, accompanying the King of the Gnomes just before the attack.

Spennix at the Battle for Gnomeregan

Gnomeregan Shall Rise Again!

One of the funnest new things about Cataclysm is that you can fly in the old classic parts of the world. So much easier getting around major cities now!!

Spennix and the Prince, over Stormwind

That is Spennix up over Stormwind on one of her gryphons (griffins?), with the Prince of Stormwind, questing together for a bit.

(Another thing about Cataclysm is that they’ve ramped up the whole “the player is a world-reknowned hero” aspect; NPCs are forever saying very validating things about how you are the world’s only hope an’ all. And on the other hand, asking you to pick up a dozen apples for them to make pie.)

Here we are standing in the Keep in Stormwind.

Spennix and the Prince

He is clearly far too tall.

However, he has a tiny little horse.

Spennix and the Prince on horseback

Eat your heart out, Prince of tall persons!

Cataclysm has changed lots of the old classic areas of the game (well, not counting Outland, mostly). Here’s Spennix riding the new Caravan in Eastern Plaguelands.


I haven’t actually figured out what, if anything, it’s for, but it was fun to ride.

I finally got Exalted with the Kalu’ak walrus folks, which means I can buy the egg of the adorable Pengu, and also the magic fishing pole that both improves your fishing and lets you breath underwater. While you’re holding it, that is. So not really great for battle. But good for exploring!

Spennix, Pengu, and the magic fishing pole

Just to prove I’ve actually been to the new Cataclysm areas, and not just playing around in old low-level zones, here I am in the subaquatic 80+ area, with a squid on my head, in order to disguise myself as one of the mind-controlled underwater goblins and infiltrate…

Spennix in Squid Disguise

Well, long story. Anyway, squid on the head.

Archeaology is the new profession in Cataclysm. Not only does it give you an excuse to fly all over the world and explore the history and lore without necessarily killing things, but you also get some fun accessories along the way.

Spennix and Fossilized Hatchling

I assembled this guy from a bunch of fossil bones, and poof he woke up an’ started following me around. Woot, eh?

(Oh yeah, and I’m level 85 now. No one’s higher-level than me! :) Also I am an Illustrious Grand Master at all my professions except Archaeology, and I got the “3000 Quests Completed” achievement, unlikely as that sounds, which lets me make it say “Spennix the Seeker” over my head. Yay, me!)

And I have freed the Orgres of Blade’s Edge Mountains from the oppression of, umm, those big giant guys. Anyway, now Spennix is their Queen, and they won’t attack her anymore. Here they are paying her ‘omage:

Spennix, Queen Of The Ogres

(Click through to Flickr to find the actual Spennix.) After this they had a big ogre party, with lots of ogre drinking and the amusing and memorable orge dancing.

And finally, on a more quasi-serious note:


Spennix isn’t actually in this one, ’cause it’s from the cutscene just before the big battle with Deathwing (well, one of ’em).

Cataclysm has tons o’ cutscenes! I’ve been enjoying watching them. In general this expansion is emphasizing the heroic / lore / epic storytelling aspects of the thing, rather than the just flying around randomly killing monsters aspects. Which is fun!

Now excuse me, I hafta go heroically gather some more apples. :)

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