AI Dreams in Art is Here!!

I realize I haven’t posted here in like a million years :) mostly because I’ve been doing other things, and haven’t quite thought of anything to weblog about in the virtual worlds. But now I’m here to reblog this post from Karima Hoisan, who did me the great honor of curating some of my RL creations into the virtual, with a wonderful Kitely build. Go, read, visit, enjoy!

Digital Rabbit Hole

On August 1st, it all started with one prim, a texture and an idea for my 21st world On Kitely – Virtual Worlds, completely inspired by the enormous quantity of AI Art,
Dale Innis was producing.

Dale had been dabbling with AI Art programs for months and the results were interesting, at times creepy and unsettling… but this new program, *MidJourney, was absolutely amazing!! (more about the program at the end)
I was moved to create spaces and divide up his art into genres that could be enjoyed in immersive appropriate places. I am so happy he loved the idea and very much got into even building a few galleries, himself.
All paths lead to somewhere..Pick one and see where it takes you:)

Maybe hang out at a Hippie Campsite, see somePsychedelic Artand listen
to The Youngbloods.

*Disclaimer, an AI has never had a psychedelic experience….and its art…

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