AI Dreams in Goth-Mini-Installation for Halloween

A very neat mini-experience based on my AI art (and I helped!).

Digital Rabbit Hole

battyot_003 2A small guessing game.. What does the picture depict?
1. A large ottoman for couch watching videos?
2. A feathered cookie jar with a built in radio?
3. An entire Goth multi-media experience, wrapped up and ready for transport?
If you picked 3….you are right on the money!!

This is our contribution (AI artist Dale Innis) and yours truly to a fabulous, multi-media mini set of our AI Goth exhibit that I have been writing about a lot lately:)  This might be the last post on the subject and then…back to poetry:)
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-09 at 5.00.39 PMHere is our event poster to announce our participation..made by Dale.
This is a video I made last night, before Dale cleverly transported the whole
show and dropped it down, where it will form part of a big Virtual Party.
Fullscreen please and a good headset:) Music by Indus from”The Dead Can Dance”

The whole enclosed set finally…

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