More Masks!

My mask at Masks!: 'What Counts'The “Masks!” opening mentioned last time went off great on Sunday; lots of people, lots of fascinatin’ masks to look at, a DJ and a dance floor, only bearable amounts of lag, etc, etc. I could only stay at the official opening for about half an hour myself due to RL things (dinner!), but I came back later to look at things more thoroughly. It was less crowded then, but I ran into Goose Wycliffe (of Da Goose Gallery), and we looked at masks and talked and stuff.

I didn’t have the forethought to take any pictures to speak of (except of my own piece over there, heh heh), but other people have filled in for me: here’s Ahuva, and here’s Soror Nishi.

My own piece, pictured somewhere near these words, is called “What Counts”, for any and all of the reasons you might imagine. All of the number-wheels spin sort of quasi-randomly (it’s just a coincidence that the eyes are on the same numbers in this snapshot), and the pointer in the nose-gear moves continually (and continuously!). It was fun to make, and I like how it came out.

The show’s on for a month or so, I gather, so go visit! It’s also worth wandering around the rest of the sim if you have a chance; Sabrinaa’s really creatived the place up (find the flying mask-bats!). And in general the whole Caerleon island group there is an interesting and look-worthy artist-colony sort of place.

Update: Another weblog mention: Zha at Second Life of my Dreams on the Masks! show.

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  1. We had a blast at the exhibit. I watched the numbers on your mask spin for long time. It is strangely hypnotic.

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