I like my inventory.

So v good friend Ahuva taught me to fish the other day, and weblogified all about it over on her weblog. As well as the Dirty Biker hair she mentioned, I liked the whole outfit I was wearing that evening.

I Like My Inventory

Dirty Biker hair (part of a full-perm collection that I hope isn’t like stolen), nice one-piece swimsuit from Pixel Dolls, short shorts from I forget where, spiked choker from Nanogunk (it was the first gift anyone gave me in SL, back when I was still proud of not having spent any Lindens yet, and I used to wear it all the time). And I thought just my usual glasses but they look darker in this picture for some reason hm.

I saved this snapshot as “I like my inventory”, because I do. :) Lots of people complain about their inventories, and I do too, saying how it’s 28,000+ items in no particular order or organization to speak of. But really I love it; just sitting around riffling through inventory, trying things on, deleting things called “Object”, discovering projects that I started and then forgot all about… it’s great. Of course before long I generally get to a point where I really like what I’m wearing, and then I want to go out and show it off while, say, learning to fish!

And speaking of fashion and inventory, here’s some boy :)

Grim Dale

wearing some stuff from the fantastic Grim Bros (this store in particular; see also their flickr stream). The used tee shirt is a freebie, the bag and the belt I just couldn’t resist, and the glasses are beautifully detailed and the texture on the right eye animates perfectly (so I couldn’t resist those either).

Such creativity there is!

(Oh, and the Benelli of Grim Bros is also the Benelli of the utterly incredible Bogon Flux, speaking of creativity. omg omg)