More Masks!

My mask at Masks!: 'What Counts'The “Masks!” opening mentioned last time went off great on Sunday; lots of people, lots of fascinatin’ masks to look at, a DJ and a dance floor, only bearable amounts of lag, etc, etc. I could only stay at the official opening for about half an hour myself due to RL things (dinner!), but I came back later to look at things more thoroughly. It was less crowded then, but I ran into Goose Wycliffe (of Da Goose Gallery), and we looked at masks and talked and stuff.

I didn’t have the forethought to take any pictures to speak of (except of my own piece over there, heh heh), but other people have filled in for me: here’s Ahuva, and here’s Soror Nishi.

My own piece, pictured somewhere near these words, is called “What Counts”, for any and all of the reasons you might imagine. All of the number-wheels spin sort of quasi-randomly (it’s just a coincidence that the eyes are on the same numbers in this snapshot), and the pointer in the nose-gear moves continually (and continuously!). It was fun to make, and I like how it came out.

The show’s on for a month or so, I gather, so go visit! It’s also worth wandering around the rest of the sim if you have a chance; Sabrinaa’s really creatived the place up (find the flying mask-bats!). And in general the whole Caerleon island group there is an interesting and look-worthy artist-colony sort of place.

Update: Another weblog mention: Zha at Second Life of my Dreams on the Masks! show.

Opening Sunday: Masks!

some random masks :)
Much as I claim that making random bits of art is one of the things I love most about Second Life, I don’t actually do it all that often; I always get distracted and go off exploring or shopping (or freebie-hunting!) or partying or whatever.

So when Sabrinaa Nightfire told me about the “Masks!” show that she was putting together and did I want to maybe submit something, my first tendency was to say “well, I’m not all that good about actually finishing SL things by any particular date”, but before I could actually say that some more ambitious part of me said “sure!”, and (after a few false starts) I made something that I like, and got it to her before the deadline.

Maybe after the show I’ll post a picture of it :) but for now your only chance is inworld. The show opens Sunday (tomorrow!). Official notice follows (what a great company to find myself in!). And one of the mentioned freebies will be a small wearable version of my own piece, which the large display version will be giving out on touch; assuming that works…

You are cordially invited to the opening of the Masks! Show at Erato of Caerleon. There will be music and dancing and freebies for everyone. The opening is Sunday, March 29 at 1pm SLT. The LM is attached:

Erato of Caerleon (112,186,25)

The artists whose work was chosen for this exhibit include (in no particular order):

Misprint Thursday
Pete Jiminy
Georg Janick
Physeter Nicholls
Sledge Roffo
Rust Aristocrat
Pol Jarvinen
Truthseeker Young
Aristocrates Aristocrat
Pixels Sideways
Buffy Beale
FreeWee Ling
Frao Ra
Sabrinaa Nightfire
four Yip
alial Allen
Artistide Despres
Dale Innis
Blue Tsuki
Miso Susanowa
Alexith Destiny

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Sabrinaa Nightfire.

(See also another random weblog posting.)