Solstice in Extropia

Extropia threw a fantastic twelve hour long marathon Solstice party yesterday. I went over somewhat late, expecting to find maybe a couple of people still around, coming and going. In fact the joint was jumpin’, and full of fascinating people, and apparently had been since the very start. I took a whole mess of pictures (I was apparently in the mood), but have downloaded only a few of them for flickring. Here they are (click through to flickr for a few words about each):

Michele an' Phoebe an' me (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Argent (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Eleanor (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

GoSpeed (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Sophrosyne (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Soph again (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Truthseeker (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Zha (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

And Happy Solstice to All! Ppl keep sending me cards and presents and stuff inworld; I really ought to make something and spam it out to my friends. Maybe a nice little card, and a special Solstice version of the sun-time clock, or something…

6 Responses

  1. What a fantastic batch of photos, and of so many of my favorite people, too! (and, good thing I can’t really blush!)

    I’m so glad you shared the evening – and so many terrific photos with us!

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Looks like you have the funnest times also! great pics!

  3. Ooo! My mate Osprey is in that world too :)

  4. oh yeah, red noses are hot.

  5. Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of change.

  6. Through the shadow of the globe, we sweep ahead to heights sublime!

    I am now imagining an impressive, if somewhat scary, build based on that verse… :)

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