And from another dimension…

Just for a change of pace (and because for some reason I’ve been in a bit of a WoW mood lately), today we will have some pictures from World of Warcraft.

First, a brand-new character, my Death Knight, sitting upon her skeletal charger, wearing a cute fedora (click through to flickr for a few more words on the subject):

Death Knight

Then a couple of snaps of good ol’ Spennix on her Epic Mount, a Swift White Ram (again, click through for more verbiage):

Swift Ram 1

Swift Ram 2

And finally, we note that Spennix is now Level 70 (yay!) which while it isn’t the highest level in the game anymore (since Wrath of the Lich King came out, that’s now 80), still opens up various cool new possibilities, including flying mounts, and including in particular the ability for extremely skilled Engineers (like Spennix, she said modestly) to make the wonderful Flying Machine (click through for etc etc):

Flying Machine 1

Flying Machine 2

Isn’t that fun? :)