Happy Solstice to all!

So for my 2008 SL Solstice card, I put this image on two sides of a flattish prim, with the other four (tiny) sides at a red 1.0 glow.

Solstice Card 2008

And yeah those are all me, just like last year. :)

Inside, delivered when the owner touches it, is a copy of the clock, and a notecard saying:

Happy Winter Solstice 2008 to one and all!

(and Happy Summer Solstice to south-of-the-Equator friends, who can either save this up to read six months from now, or just apply the appropriate mental gymnastics.)

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, a time to think about endings and beginnings and cycles, about death and rebirth, about fresh starts, how it’s always darkest before the dawn, how when you’re at the bottom there ain’t nowhere to go but up, and wise stuff like that. It’s a time to appreciate warmth and fellowship, and friendship and love. I’m sending this card to all of my SL friends, to remind you how much I appreciate you, and to thank you for everything. It’s been an amazing year in lots of ways, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Now in SL, our days are always the same length; the Solstice doesn’t touch the sim’s Sun. But if you’ve ever watched the sky in SL for any length of time, you know that the SL days aren’t a simple reflection of RL days, either. On the mainland, and any private islands where the estate owner hasn’t fiddled with things, the SL sun rises six times per RL day (at midnight, four am, eight am, noon, four pm, and eight pm, SLT). Three hours after it rises, it sets again and the moon rises. The moon moves across the sky three times as fast as the sun did, and just one hour after sunset there’s another sunrise.

So SL time is odd. :) Not only is it much faster than RL time, as we’ve all noticed in various ways, but the night is even faster than the day. I thought it would be fun to make a clock that reflected that, and here’s my current effort in that direction. If I’ve done it right, it will show 12:00 when the SL sun is at its highest (noon) and when the moon is at its highest (midnight); it will say 6:00 at sunrise and sunset. And the hands will move three times as fast in the night as they do in the day.

Enjoy the little clock, and may it remind you that our lives, both first and second, are short, and should be used wisely, and merrily.

With love an’ gratitude,
Dale Innis

And if I overlooked you while going through my overgrown Friends list, let me know and I’ll send one off. Entirely accidental, I assure you. :)

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  1. Heh, I just realized there’s an error in my letter! Naturally. :) The sunrises 30 minutes *after* the times that I gave. The times I gave (midnight, four am, etc) are the times of sim midnight, and since the night his one hour long, sunrise is 30 minutes after midnight.


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