Happy New Year, an’ all!

2012 Seasonal Card

Continuing the occasional tradition! :) I spammed this out to all 450+ people on my Friends list earlier today. (If you don’t get one and would have expected to, let me know; I’m not sure I entirely trust SL to have done that perfectly.)

Image uses the techniques (and the little HUD device) from Dale Meets Dale. Once I had two images that I liked (which took awhile!) it was easy.

Wow, I haven’t posted here much lately, have I? I have a somewhat more developed and usable version of the script from the automatic walking post, that lets you increase and decrease (and even reverse) the force that makes you walk, and it gets along okay with jumping and flying. So you can arrange for really Superman jumps, and you can fly along at whatever speed cross-country you want without having to hold down a key, and so on.

I’m still not entirely happy with the turning behavior; or maybe I’m just too lazy to make a Wiki page so far. :) But when I do I will post here about it. Or vice-versa.

Otherwise doing pretty much the usual stuff. Good SL friend and prominent photographer and DJ Calli had a Seventh Rezday party last night (with fireworks!). That was a lot of fun. Next year I’ll be turning seven myself; pretty neat! :)

Happy *ISHH*!

It’s the time of year when everyone deluges each other with greetings and good wishes of various sorts, because it’s the middle of the winter in some places, and the anniversary of various things, and the start of a new calendar year in some calendars, and because the days have just stopped getting shorter, and because this is when everyone does that.

I usually do a solstice card in SL, but this year I was lazy through Solstice and never quite got around to it. When I logged in today there was a great poem from Beth Odets about *ISHH*, for “Insert Seasonal Holiday Here”. That’s a pretty good approach, but I didn’t want to steal it.

So I just did an early New Year card:

20009 New Year Card

Note how we are looking symbolically out at the sunrise. I’n’t it deep? :)

I went through my friends list, and for each person doubleclicked to open an IM window, and dragged an object with that image (and a little snow-particle prim) into that IM window. Once for each of the 300-odd persons on my friends list.

I feel virtuous!

Solstice in Extropia

Extropia threw a fantastic twelve hour long marathon Solstice party yesterday. I went over somewhat late, expecting to find maybe a couple of people still around, coming and going. In fact the joint was jumpin’, and full of fascinating people, and apparently had been since the very start. I took a whole mess of pictures (I was apparently in the mood), but have downloaded only a few of them for flickring. Here they are (click through to flickr for a few words about each):

Michele an' Phoebe an' me (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Argent (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Eleanor (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

GoSpeed (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Sophrosyne (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Soph again (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Truthseeker (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

Zha (Extropia 2008 Solstice Marathon)

And Happy Solstice to All! Ppl keep sending me cards and presents and stuff inworld; I really ought to make something and spam it out to my friends. Maybe a nice little card, and a special Solstice version of the sun-time clock, or something…