Tiering Up

(A Tier In My Beer? Little Tierdrops? Tier-stained? I considered a bunch of tier / tear puns for the title, but none of them made quite the right kind of nonsense.)

Anyway! I decided to give myself a little present and tier up (again) to the quarter-sim (plus 512m2) level. I bought one little plot in the Rise adjacent to some of my land, that I’d had my eye on, and then found that there was no more land for sale in the sim. Natch!

There was significant abandoned land, so I went to the URL in the parcel descriptions, followed the instructions to open a ticket, and after a few days got a very nice reply from Dee Linden saying that she had put a set of abandoned Rise parcels for sale to me for the standard 1L/m2, that should just about max me out.

And they did! Here is the ownership map of Hughes Rise currently (green is me, red is Other, the couple of mysterious dots are some particles or something photobombing):

Tiered up again!

Note how nice and contiguous most of it is, and how I now have land on both sides of Wellington Road in the corner there. Fun!

(Note also that Up is East on that map, because for some reason that is always how I look at the Rise.)

I think I have like another 48m2 before my tier is full; maybe I will donate it to some worthy group (if that small amount wouldn’t be insulting and I can figure out how), or buy a tiny parcel in some totally random place just for grins…

I haven’t done anything with all the new land yet, nor do I have any specific plans, but sitting around looking at how many free prims I have and rubbing my hands together and cackling is nice. :)

4 Responses

  1. I so relate to that last line. Free prims can bring a cackle out of me too..especially if I have been squeezing the life out of them, until there were none. Alf Mabrook Dale! (1000 Congratulations!)

  2. Oooh, I used to have a garage on Welligton Road, in fact a bodyshop, from which we started some excursions with our bikes. Jeogeot is still the best continent for unlaggy riding. But I had to give up my parcel when another opportunity arose to make my marina bigger, and I love sailing even more than biking.
    Now I just recently tired down completely and put my free 512m² into a friend’s group.

    • I hope you’re still sailing at least! :) It definitely not necessary to own any land at all to have a good time biking or boating around the Grid. But it is fun to own a piece of it…

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