A piece of SListory: Svarga returns!

(Gad, “SListory”, what a horrid word! But I couldn’t resist…)

V good and in-touch-with-things friend Michele saw on Bettina Tizzy’s Twitter or somewhere that the historic SL region of Svarga was back, and it is! She sent me a TP and we took the tour.

Svarga returns! (1/3)

It’s on waspback now; I remember it as being just a little abstract car back in 2006 or 2007 sometime. But anyway the tour is neat, and it talks about the history of the place some, and flies around and over all the lovely familiar stuff.

Svarga returns! (2/3)

I remember aeons ago exploring the place and playing the Elven Drums (which are also still there:

Svarga returns! (3/3)

just like before) and thinking that I really ought to sit and watch the artificial ecosystem for hours sometime, and build one of my own somewhere. And I still think I really ought to do that. :)

It’s extremely cool to have this piece of SL history back; among other things it’s a reminder that you can make gorgeous and evocative places without flexies or scuplties or even glow! ’cause none of those things was around back when Svarga was built.

According to the NWN article, it was brought back by the Lindens themselves “to provide a way for this high-quality experience to live on in the ever-changing world of Second Life”. And while I might have expected myself to be bothered by that, in my usual Lindens offa my lawn! way that is bothered by Lindenx picking winners and advantaging some Resis over others and all, I find that I’m not.

I will have to think about why, and figure out if it’s just because I really like Svarga, or if there’s something more rational about the role of the Lindens in doing this sort of thing. (The whole question of the proper role of the Lindens in the world is pretty interesting and fraught. I have some reasonably firm notions about the proper role of governments, but it’s not at all clear to me that the Lindens are rightly regarded as the government of SL in that sense.)

Much thinking to be done! But in the meantime, go take a ride on the wasp. :)

4 Responses

  1. Tis a slippery slope my dear sir.

    Certainly I would like to have Graceadric Land preserved for all generations to come, but would Linden’s gracious offer mean the things written about M. Linden in the jungle room bathroom or perhaps the non-Xstreet terminals have to go?

    Tis the sad fact sir, an attraction (be it Disneyland or a topless bar in Denver), requires attention from both sides of the counter and this area did not have it. I could be harsh and say this subsidizes failure, but that is not me.

    I shall scuttle my vessel before I let Linden board and “rescue” me.

    • Maybe that’s part of it|: Svarga is basically a preserved snapshot of the sim, so there’s no worry about the Linden sponsorship sort of quashing its growth: it’s not *supposed* to grow, so that’s okay? I dunno.

      Svarga had (has) lots of attention, from both sides of the counter. Just not enough for the owner to make tier. As a private entity, the Lab certainly has the right to decide to do it themselves. How much should that bother me? I’m undecided. :) But also happy.

      • Svarga holds fond memories for lots of residents and to see it pass away was not just sad but, like hearing of the death of a school friend reminds us of our own mortality, the passing of such an icon reminded us that not only was this world far from permanent but the gods wouldn’t lift a finger to save anything in it. If they didn’t value something like Svarag, what did the things we made matter?

        I’m not saying that’s changed (it hasn’t, this will be all about the bottom dollar now that M is in charge) but at least it wallpapers back over the gaping hole and takes our minds of the fact that beyond the relationships we make, nothing we do or make in this world matters a hill of beans. But than, that’s true of RL as well :)

      • Yeah, happy and sad and poignant in all sorts of ways. I highly recommend not looking to the skies, or the Lindens, for validation, in any case. It is, as you say, all about the people, not about whether the gods value your work. Although, in practice, it’s kewl when they do… :)

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