Happy *ISHH*!

It’s the time of year when everyone deluges each other with greetings and good wishes of various sorts, because it’s the middle of the winter in some places, and the anniversary of various things, and the start of a new calendar year in some calendars, and because the days have just stopped getting shorter, and because this is when everyone does that.

I usually do a solstice card in SL, but this year I was lazy through Solstice and never quite got around to it. When I logged in today there was a great poem from Beth Odets about *ISHH*, for “Insert Seasonal Holiday Here”. That’s a pretty good approach, but I didn’t want to steal it.

So I just did an early New Year card:

20009 New Year Card

Note how we are looking symbolically out at the sunrise. I’n’t it deep? :)

I went through my friends list, and for each person doubleclicked to open an IM window, and dragged an object with that image (and a little snow-particle prim) into that IM window. Once for each of the 300-odd persons on my friends list.

I feel virtuous!

4 Responses

  1. smiles deeply, a wonderful greeting (and a wonderful card!). Joyful bountiful wishes to you for all that is good and wonderful. You make the worlds such wonderful places and deserve the very best!

  2. ou feel virtuous, but I feel appreciated. Thankyou, Dale. Have a wonderful solar orbit.

    • You’re more than welcome! I should really go inworld early enough some evening that I can see you in person again. :)

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