An arty ol’ time

So if one lived in an artistically rundown section of some hip city somewhere, it might be that a friend, or a friend of a friend, might call up at random some night, give you an address, and hang up. And on going out and up and down streets, up the stairs to a pad somewhere, you might find a room full of various friends and luminaries, some that you know, some that you know by name, and some that you’ve never heard of but are clearly fascinating, and you might stand around talking and laughing and exchanging wit and wisdom for an hour or two while the person whose pad it is has each of you sit down in a particular chair and have a picture taken, for no immediately apparent reason.

That happened to me the other day, except that I live in SL (which I suppose is in some sense an artistically rundown section of some hip city somewhere), and it was a TP offer rather than a phone call, and the pad in question was a kilometer or so up in the sky somewhere:

Art Party, um, thing!

There’s the chair in the foreground and a buncha people milling about; click through to the flickr page for a partial list of luminaries that I vaguely recall passing through. It was great fun; I hope someday to find out what it was all about.

And later that day, as amusing SL coincidences go, I discovered that the extremely amazing, um, experience ride art thing that I was riding in with a friend:

The Tunnel Of Light

is down at ground level in that very same sim, and the whole thing teacup and all was built by the same person who was taking the pictures up in the sky earlier.

Small world indeed. Odd, also…