Nice ppl

I (finally!) made the things that I wanted to make for Ches an’ Zha for their place where they live, an’ (even though it didn’t have all the features that I wanted to put into it) Ches said v nice things about it in a weblog entry.  Also with a nice picture of some of the things:


Someday I hope to have things like this that can see each other and people, and frolic about appropriately.  But for now these frolic pretty nicely at random.  :)

Speaking of people, here is a picture of Amber, up in the Floating Rocks build:

As well as being v inneresting an’ small an’ also nice, Amber gets her picture here because she pointed out a serious flaw in the weblog, which has now been corrected.

Many other ppl are also nice. You know who you are! And if you don’t, just ask. :)