So yeah yeah yeah there is Avatars United, a social networking site which the Lab bought, shortly after a “blog” post in which a brand-new Linden said that he wanted to talk about social networking stuff in theory, not because the Lab was going to do anything in particular no no of course not.

Then a week later the Lab said hey we’re told that some of you funny Residents have noticed that anyone in the world can create an Avatars United page in your name, and that this bothers you. It never occurred to us that this would bother anyone, but since apparently it does we might eventually do something about it. Or not.

But that’s not what I want to be snarky about right now. :)

(So far I’ve registered myself, and Spennix, and two other WoW characters; I mostly have no idea why since it seems awfully pointless, but since it’s an Official LL Property I thought it worth having at least played with.)

What I wanted to be snarky about tonight was this email that I got from the Lab, about whatever this Valentine’s Day contest or hunt or something that they’re having is.

(I don’t much like overproduced marketing email from the Lab, and for that matter I don’t much like the media and commercial outfits pummeling me with hearts and pink things and so on; I am not, for the record, in love with any commercial enterprise, nor do I need their assistance in expression my emotions. Grumble, grumble, snark, whinge.)

So anyway this commercial email from the Lab about their hunt or whatever ended by saying that we should keep up with developments on Facebook or Twitter.

When they just a few days before bought their own social networking site. Which is not, note, Facebook or Twitter.

/me shakes head.

(The comments thread on “blog” posting about the Hunt or whatever itself has quite a bit of related reaction to the fact that to qualify for the Grand Prize you have to actually post something to Facebook, which is problematic because Facebook, well, sort of doesn’t allow virtual identities, and one would have thought that… Well.)