Who you callin’ goo?

We start this morning’s entry in the Thingmaker Weblog :) with a picture of five more things that the Thingmaker made yesterday:

Five things all in the same picture!

(See also bigger.)

I like the upper-left one because of the weird flickering pseudo-texturing that it has, due to almost-overlapping prims. That’s something that I would normally never think to do when building by hand; the flickering-texture effect that you get when two prims have coincident surfaces is generally a bad thing. But Thingmaker doesn’t know that, so it plays around with the effect freely, and in this case with a neat result.

And I like the lower-right one for its total flatness of color. I’m not sure how it did that! Obviously it has shiny turned off, but usually that wouldn’t do it this thoroughly. I’d say that it might have fullbright on, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t taught it about fullbright yet! I love it when my thing-creator things create things that puzzle me. :)

I didn’t make nearly as many things as I otherwise would have last night, because for some reason the Thingmaker kept getting shut off by the Grey Goo Fence, a feature of the SL laws of physics designed to prevent some kinds of griefing attacks.

I was (and am) very puzzled to find the relatively slow and not-numerous rezzes that the Thingmaker does hitting the fence, especially since it was if anything even slower than it was the two days before, when it didn’t hit the fence once. Maybe they’ve been changing the fence rules: they do that periodically, and they don’t document exactly what the fence rules are, for the pretty good reason that they don’t want griefers to optimize their griefing tools to come right up to the edge of the fence and stop.

It occurred to me that it was sort of odd to have the fence tripping on me on my own land, anyway (I was in the Hughes Rise park); I don’t really need to be defended against griefing myself! :) So I opened a JIRA suggesting that fence rules be relaxed when the object doing the rezzing is on its owner’s property. I’m not sure it makes complete sense, but it’s at least worth considering.

Amusingly enough, while I was looking to see if such a JIRA already existed, I came across another JIRA, complaining that the fence wasn’t strict enough, and was letting griefers rapidly rez thousands of objects. So I stuck a comment in there also.

Hard things to contain, these replicators!

(Oh, and while we’re on the subject, here’s an important JIRA that all SL users should read.)