I am for some reason Rather Sleepy, so I am mostly going to point to the press release and the SLURL (more or less) for the “Arcana” show currently going on in Caerleon. (I lurve the artists of Caerleon, but I for the life of me cannot spell the name of their sim.) It’s a show based on the Major Arcana (aka Trumps) of the Tarot Deck.

I went there! It was fun! Here are a few pictures!

The Magician, by FreeWee Ling, lets the viewer become part of the picture (interestingly reminiscent of our previous weblog entry!). Vis:

Arcana: the Magician

There I am! (The crown I am wearing is, by the way, a free gift from The Fool.)

Next is a really poorly composed snapshot of v good friend Sabrinaa Nightfire’s rendering of The Hermit; it looks much (even?) better in person:

Arcana: the Hermit

Poid Mahovlich’s The Sun is notably sunny:

Arcana: the Sun

And I’m not even going to show you Banrion Constantine’s version of The Lovers, ’cause I think it’s so cool that you should really go look; but here’s the sign outside it, to whet (or possibly perk) (perk?) your interest:

Arcana: the Lovers (sign)

There are a bunch of others, natch, all starting with The Fool, by Miso Susanowa, which I don’t have a picture of. The Fool has flavor text (as they say) with various interesting facts about the Major Arcana, including the suggestion (which I don’t remember hearing before but which sounds quite right) that one interpretation of the Tarot is as a depiction of the (no doubt very metaphorical) travels or trials or life or whatever of The Fool himself, the zeroth card of the Trumps.

So you should go and see this show! I found it slightly confusing to navigate around until I realized that the things that look sort of like doctors’ scales are teleporters, and when you activate the standing-on part, you get a menu of places organized by the name of the artist. Thus armed with knowledge, off you go!