Dale goes to Boston

I am apparently going to SLCC! (That’s the annual Second Life Community Convention, where for some reason a bunch of Residents all meet in the “RL” virtual world and do unspecified things.)

I can tell I am going because I have now spent Quite A Bit Of Money for the right and ability to attend. If it weren’t for that it would seem pretty unlikely, since I’ve never gone before, nor felt any strong inclination to. But Boston is relatively easy to get to from here, and my threshold for being tempted into new odd things seems rather low these days…

The convention is held in RL rather than SL, I gather, both for a change of pace and because in RL you can get a really huge number of AVs into the same region, and it’s all high-res and multi-sensory and all (although due to some glitch in my viewer I haven’t been able to get “smell” working for a long time). Still, the disadvantages are also considerable, and I’m not looking forward to two days of interacting only in voice (!), having no TPs or profiles, and being unable to fly or rez stuff. I mean, sheesh…

But anyway! I’m hoping it will be fun. There are various businessy tracks that I currently intend to ignore, and some music and art and social tracks that I will investigate. Or maybe I will just hang out with the geeks and talk about interop for hours. :)

My probability density

Due to Stuff going on in RL (not bad stuff, just Stuff) over the next few days, I may (or may not, but I’m mentioning it just in case) be less visible in the digital words (RL, Twitter, weblogs, etc) between oh say today and oh say July 1st. Just so y’ know… :)