Another Exciting Product!

White Wood Shed

At last, Second Life residents have a place to dry their fish!

Click through to exciting Marketplace store page!

A mere 100L! Cheap at half the price!

Balloon Swing!

Balloon Swing!

Okay, I hardly ever advertise products or stores, but I *luuuurve* this. One of many wonderful and original and funny and pretty products at (umm let’s see) Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys. There’s a Midnight Mania board and a sale section and everything. The balloon swing, my current Favorite Object Ever, is an attachment not a vehicle (so you don’t need rez-rights so use it), and is only 150 Linden Dollars!

So woot!

My commercial empire!

I mentioned last time that I won a spot in Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot, in the Boats section.

Monday was the first day we could move in, and I’ve moved in!

Well, sort of:

Space 44 _ Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot and Rezzing Area, Oak Grove

Right now the only thing you can actually buy is the Preview Version of the Seaspray 1.1; a nice 1-prim 1-rider zipping-around boat with no fancy features, for a mere 25L. (What a deal!) That’s a model of it spinning around in the middle there; it comes in red. :)

(But it is mod.)

Soon the Basic Version will be available, which will have lots of customization features (125 colors, nine textures, shine and glow and light), locked and unlocked modes, fast and slow modes (the current one is pretty fast, and not hard to lose control of while zooming), and like that. That one will be 50L.

And later there will be an auto-updating version, and a rezzer so you can let your guests produce their own auto-cleanup copies, and, and, and…

Unless I get distracted. :)

Busy Ben’s (I’m in slot 44).