Ducking in for a sail

So as previously announced, this week is being RL-crazy and I haven’t been able to spend my usual few hours a day inworld. On the other hand it turns out that SL is very nice in an entirely different mode, consisting of slipping in between crazinesses and just sort of exploring and bumming around.

I mentioned on Twitter or somewhere that I’d travelled by motorcycle randomly from the Manitoba region somewhere (where I’d gotten to by following a LM to the Alice Free Library or something as I vaguely recall), eventually ending up in Mare at the old Elbow Room (entirely by accident). That was in a lull between meetings yesterday or so.

Today in another lull, feeling a bit stressed and without time to do anything really significant between two other things, I ducked inworld again, and having noticed a nice-looking little seaside town in Mowry along the road from Manitoba to Mare, I TPd to somewhere near there and then took my seedpod ship into Mowry.

Turns out there’s a nice little community around the bay in Mowry and adjoining sims (including some very nice-looking treehouse rentals that turn out to be owned by someone that I know in another context entirely, which was funny to see; small second world!). I landed my seedpod ship in the marina, rezzed my current favorite sailboat, and boated about for awhile:

The Good Ship Indolence on Mowry Bay

That’s the Good Ship Indolence in Mowry Bay; click through to flickr for some more random details.

All in all it was a very fun quick visit; it reminded me of how things used to be when I didn’t have as much going on inworld, socially and artistically and professionally, and would just sort of bum around randomly and find stuff. Have to do more of that!