Dale goes to IMVU

Per all of the “keep the lifeboats handy” posts about Second Life recently, I’ve been going here and there and seeing if there’s a Dale Innis (or DaleInnis) yet.

There wasn’t one in IMVU, but now there is!

Dale goes to IMVU

Well, there sort of is. It actually says “Guest_DaleInnis” above my head, and getting rid of the “Guest” costs US$19.99. I think it is. IMVU has all sortsa little ways like that to coax money out of ya; sort of like the free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online (free mount! for 24 hours; after that you gotta pay). I find the whole “being nickel-and-dimed to death” experience pretty annoying, and I’m glad Second Life doesn’t have lotsa stuff like that.

Anyway! The initial IMVU AVs are all gag-me-with-a-spoon dumb-looking (not in the “boring and generic” sense, but in the “14-year-old boy’s image of a prostitute” sense); but even without paying any “credits” there’s a certain amount of customization you can do. I seem to have started with like 3500 “credits”, and spending about 700 of them got me this nice non-stupid top and bottom. The hair was already in my inventory. :)

So far two boys have wanted to talk to me (before I’ve even gone anywhere, assuming there are places to go); one wanted to Skype / Cam with a nice woman (and was quite grateful when I turned him down nicely haha), and the other is from Columbia and wanted me to help him with English. (Google Translate is amazingly nonawful these days.)

So there ya are… :)