The Most Purchased Items are Women’s Hairstyles

SL10B infographic


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My poor inventory!

Shortly after I logged in tonight, nice friend Michele IMd that she was on a hunt, and being in that sort of mood I said Oooh tp me. :)

It was a fun hunt, in three locations of the same store (starting here), each one containing a (tiny tiny tiny) pumpkin with some fun stuff in it, and a special bonus (with a nice extra prize) at the end once you have all three. (They’re Japanese stores, but they are named “Shön”, which isn’t a terribly Japanese name!)

Hunts are fun!

That’s the red gown that’s the final bonus prize, plus the hat from the first of the three stores. The other two stores have matching tops and bottoms in the same color scheme that make up a fun casual outfit in Hallowe’en colors.

And then when I admired Michele’s hat and wings she took me to the places she’d gotten them. :)

Fall Fairy, with added hat!

I madly lurve this outfit. It comes with like three different skirts in various lengths, two different pairs of wings (one of which drops these lovely autumn leaves constantly), and this gorgeous top (which is actually a separate shirt and jacket, either of which can also be worn alone). It’s “Fall Fairy”, from Angelwing (or Angelwings? I forget). It was only like 200L!

And the hair-with hat, for like 250L, where both the hat and the forelock have various different available colors / textures via a texture menu, is from Ivanka Akina. (Also, I think, Japanese despite the name.)

An’ Michele saw the hair-an’-hat on Harper’s weblog. Everything is connected! :)

And in various of those places I bought various other random things, some of which I haven’t even gotten around to trying on yet, and my inventory is even bulginger than ever. But it is fun!

Alternate Boy Dale

I keep mentioning that although I have lots of good hairs and skins for Girl Dale, I have only two of each that I really like for Boy Dale, and I keep not showing the other boy set. So here it is. :)

Alternate Boy Dale Outfit

I got the skin really cheap somewhere, and I hope it’s not ripped off. The Tshirt is by me (it’s an in-joke with some folks at work, but also a pretty nice Tshirt). And the toolbelt is one of my favorites…

(Click through the image to the flickr page for exactly this same content on a different website! Woot!)

Oh, and the unusual background is because I’m standing on the sandy seabottom on PIER. Why not, after all?