The Usual Suspects

Got an IM from Gracie shortly after logging on last night, and not long after I was part of an art project. Very SL. :)

(Speaking of which, I wonder whatever became of that project or whatever it was a couple years back.)

It was fun being photographed, and talking to Gracie and the other people who wandered by to be photographed, because they are all nice an’ interesting. Gracie had a couple hundred pictures up around the place where she was shooting, and they were all of single AVs, against a neutral background, almost every one facing away from the camera. Which is just brilliant, because someone facing away from the camera is mysterious, is a puzzle, is a person whose face you can’t see, but who (in many cases, because people in SL can and so often do make themselves subtly or wildly individual from every angle) you think maybe you know who it is. I saw JueL Resistance (even if I did say the wrong name for her, blush) wearing nothing but a guitar and a book strapped to her thigh (I have that book!), and AM Radio, and oh all sorts of people that I knew, or thought I might know, or didn’t know but would like to.

Afterward, I IM’d a few friends that I noticed were on, and at least some of them are now in the project, too. For some reason it hadn’t occurred to me to weblogify about it here until I saw Immy’s posting about it in hers. But now I am!

So give Gracie a ring, and you, too, can be one of The Usual Suspects! Or whatever she ends up calling it. :)

But no using the Hanged Man tarot animation; that was my idea