Serendipity and Route 7

The other day I was gazing idly at the map I have in the Park, and I read the little note next to the “Gaeta I” continent, about how Gaeta is planned as a group of five linked continents sharing variants of the name Gaeta, and realizing that I’d never explored anything at all to do with that note, I opened the map and typed “gaeta” into the region search box.

Regions and continents are of course different things, and while no obvious continents showed up in the results, there was a region called “Gaeta Reef”, which was good enough for me, so (flying first, since the region seemed entirely water and I was not in swimwear at the time) I teleported over.

The region was indeed a lovely glimmering expanse of ocean. I didn’t dive down to see if there were interesting reefs to explore, but instead flew until I found a rezzing area (I still don’t really understand why Linden Protected Land like Gaeta Reef doesn’t allow rezzing with like a one-minute timeout; probably there is some form of griefing that this would enable that I’m just not familiar with), rezzed the faithful Trudeau Twenty (sorry, Ari, I still prefer it to the gunboat), and sailed happily and aimlessly about for awhile, which I hadn’t done in all too long, eventually fetching up on shore near an interesting-looking road in the quaintly-named “Phasic Foo” region.

The road turned out to be Linden Route 7, along the southern coast of what is apparently the “Gaeta V” continent (at least according to the map in the Park). I got out a lovely motorbike that really deserves a posting or two of its own, and posed scenically at the official Road Ends point.

Road Ends

If you look at the map of that part of the coastline, it’s clear that there’s something that continues beyond that pile of rocks and “Road Ends” sign.

Turns out that it’s a pleasantly-disheveled boardwalk:

Beyond Road Ends

(If you look closely at that picture, or click through to flickr and look at the larger one, you can just see the pile of rocks and the sign in the distance.)

Continuing in that direction, there is a dangerous area:

Beyond Road Ends: Killer Sharks

and not far beyond it a somewhat more definitive end to Route 7:

Beyond Road Ends: the boardwalk ends

Although one could always rez a boat. Or an airplane. Or a gravsled…

(The motorcycle behind me isn’t mine; I walked this part. Oddly enough, this particular stretch of the Linden right-of-way is not only rez-enabled, but appears to have no autoreturn. So potentially an interesting place to examine for random litter now and then.)

Back on the motorbike, heading east-northeast on the officially-existing part of Route 7, I came to a noteworthy local attraction:

Blue Moon Burlesque

The Blue Moon Burlesque Club. A well-thought out build and premise; to quote from the group info of its Patron Group (which I have not yet found a slot for in my groups-list grrrr):

Once a splendid art deco seaside establishment – The Blue Moon Burlesque Theatre has slid into a state of disrepair and misuse. Frequented by drunks, jazz musicians and refugees from Hemingway and Greene novels – The Blue Moon is home to ‘good time girls’ who entertain the masses with sizzling Dance and Burlesque shows. This is a place of fantasy and slow rhythms, soft bluesy jazz and hot sultry nights…

And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold.

A friendly and atmospheric and really quite respectable place; being on mature land the ladies are protected by common standards of decency, but (as I found out yesterday afternoon at one of their regular and well-attended shows) this does not prevent them from putting on diverting and aesthetically pleasing performances, to an appreciative audience.

(Oh, and look! They have a website.)

A bit beyond the Blue Moon are various commercial establishments, including a large and neatly-landscaped place that sells houses and so on. But (as usually happens when I start exploring) I got distracted by something else before I got much further, and flitted off elsewhere.

But I have a landmark! :) And I expect to wander aimlessly along Route 7 again in the not too distant future. (Mainland ftw!)

A jaunt northward

So v good friend Chestnut put up a weblog entry about her an’ Zha’s new mainland land, and I thought I’d pop over and look at it, being a big mainland fan myself.

I’d heard somewhere that it was now possible to get from the southern continent (Jeogeot, where my Hughes Rise park is) to the northern continent (Sansara, the original core of Second Life, where’s Ches an’ Zha’s new place is). So having a few minutes free in the middle of the day, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Northward: starting out

There I am, hovering over Hughes Rise on my Personal Flying Saucer, ready to set out. (The saucer was a Hunt prize at SENRIES ; I expect they probably sell them too.)

To start the jaunt, I went overland on the Rise, up to the Linden protected-land right-of-way in the northwest corner (parcel 01 on my map from the other day). Here I am on the right-of-way, passing by Sadie’s Dyke Bar.

Northward: leaving the Rise

There’s a nice long strip of Linden protected land cutting SW to NE through this part of the continent; maybe the Moles will put in an actual road!

Continuing roughly northeast along the right-of-way, here I am passing over a racetrack or… something in Bulgogi.

Northward: Bulgogi

I was in a bit of a hurry, so couldn’t stop to look at all of the interesting things (or even wait for them to finish rezzing completely).

Here’s a nicely-designed office park or something in Muk, with the moon shining over the ocean visible between its levels.

Northward: Muk

Some slightly more chaotic mainland, along the Linden right of way, with big yellow LAND FOR SALE signs, a castle, and a hot-air balloon:

Northward: Chamnamoo

There were various hot-air balloons drifting majestically about in this area, between the Rise and the northern tip of Jeogeot. I got off my saucer and floated briefly around on one. It was relaxing. Here I’m passing over some construction sites (or possibly buildings that haven’t finished rezzing!) in a vaguely urban area.

Northward: Balloon in Shatgogae

(I actually detached the saucer rather than getting off of it. One nice thing about it is that it’s actually an attachment and not a vehicle, which means it’s pretty easy to steer, and I never get knocked off by banlines. A clever idea!)

Shortly after this, back on my saucer, I happened to notice a familiar-looking parcel name go by in the parcel-name bar, and looking down I saw that I was flying over a friend’s house, where I’d been visiting just the other day! I didn’t take a picture of that because, I dunno, I guess because it’s a friend’s house :) but these coincidences are always fun. Huge as the grid is, it’s still a small world.

At the northernmost tip* of Jeogeot, I came to a nice beach area with inlets and rocks and dunes and cattails and poseballs. Here I am gazing northward, out to sea, talking with a woman who was out there sorting inventory.

Northward: Yurim

Flatteringly, she asked me for the numbers for my shape! I gave her everything but my face; that’s mine. :)

I scrolled around on the map enough to convince me that there is in fact no navigable bridge between Jeogeot and Sansara (it’s a long distance!), or at least none I was going to find that day. Time was getting very short, so I said bye to my flattering new acquaintance, and teleported directly off to Marawa.

Northward: Marawa

Ches an’ Zha’s new land is in a lovely area, lots of water, and it looks like a quality neighborhood. I look forward to memorable land-warming parties. :)

Having done some part of what I intended, I TPd home and put the flying saucer away, and relaxed in my giant chocolate donut to get back to RL. There’s no place like home!

Northward: Home again

Although yeah the Rise is not strictly speaking home; that’s Extropia. But the Rise is my mainland home, and I love it there!