So! I have been not-in-world for a terrible number of days, due to being out traveling in RL to a place where not only is the cellphone service awful but also, if you can imagine it, the internet is so spotty that nothing at all demanding (like say WoW or SL) stays up for more than about two minutes before crashing and/or disconnecting.

It was horrible!

A few random links that I have saved up and might as well post here:

A video of a cool device made by one Frigid Cyrotank, that displays graphs on command inworld. (I ran into him in a sandbox the other week while playing with my maze generator, which I think is another thing I need to weblog about sometime, and meant to do a weblog posting just about him and his device, but have now forgotten most of the information but fortunately still have this link at least.)

The transcript of an Aether Salon session on favorite steampunk books, which I have been meaning to read (and most likely acquire books from) since like last November.

A posting on the Meta_Body project, including a like five-minute video that I’ve also been trying to find time to really appreciate, for months.

A forums post on multi-face sculpties, which do in fact seem to exist and work; I helped a friend make one following the instructions in the thread there. Potentially useful things! I think!

A very useful-looking, if a bit pricey, inworld mesh creation tool from the Marketplace, that I am thinking of buying. Then I could make mesh things! (Update: I just bought it! More later if I ever get a chance to try it!)

And finally and relatedly, a note in passing that DAZ 3D has some really amazing deals on 3D-type tools, including Bryce 7 Pro for US$19.95, and Daz Studio 4.5 Pro for US$0.00 (cheap at a trillion times the price!). I had a really old version of Bryce a really long time ago, and it was awesome; am eager to try out 7 (to make SL textures and/or terrains and/or just neat pictures) when I get some time.

Ha ha ha, “get some time”!


Gracie’s book!

At Gracie's

Lounging among some of the 1000+ avatar pictures (including one of me!) at Gracie’s latest location.

I’ve pre-ordered the RL book, and you can too!

I suspect this will be one of my very favorite coffeetable books ever. :)

(You can also get an inworld ThincBook preview of the RL book at that location, which is fun. And the sim down on the ground, California State University at Northridge, is a nice peaceful academic build with paths to wander and art to look at and University buildings to feel studious around; worth exploring after you admire all the AVs in Gracie’s pictures.)