Happy New Year, an’ all!

2012 Seasonal Card

Continuing the occasional tradition! :) I spammed this out to all 450+ people on my Friends list earlier today. (If you don’t get one and would have expected to, let me know; I’m not sure I entirely trust SL to have done that perfectly.)

Image uses the techniques (and the little HUD device) from Dale Meets Dale. Once I had two images that I liked (which took awhile!) it was easy.

Wow, I haven’t posted here much lately, have I? I have a somewhat more developed and usable version of the script from the automatic walking post, that lets you increase and decrease (and even reverse) the force that makes you walk, and it gets along okay with jumping and flying. So you can arrange for really Superman jumps, and you can fly along at whatever speed cross-country you want without having to hold down a key, and so on.

I’m still not entirely happy with the turning behavior; or maybe I’m just too lazy to make a Wiki page so far. :) But when I do I will post here about it. Or vice-versa.

Otherwise doing pretty much the usual stuff. Good SL friend and prominent photographer and DJ Calli had a Seventh Rezday party last night (with fireworks!). That was a lot of fun. Next year I’ll be turning seven myself; pretty neat! :)

Automatic walking (and the invisible stranger)

So very poetic friend Karima flatteringly chose my avatar following script as some context for a new poem of hers lauding scripters (she even used some of the code in the poem, and although this sounds like it couldn’t possibly work it certainly does, and you should go read it).

This reminded me of a related script that I have been too lazy to work on forever and ever, and I now have a rough draft. It may stay a rough draft for some time :) since LSL makes it hard to do in a really polished way, but in any meantime here it is. When you’re using it, once you start walking you keep walking, more or less forward unless you use the side-arrow keys to turn, until you tap backward or etc to stop. (Works best on or over flat ground; see the page for details!)

If I ever like it enough I’ll put it into the Library.

Here is a picture of me walking with the automatic walker. Note that this is a hard sort of picture to get in general, because you have to walk and cam around to looking at yourself from the front at the same time, but the walker makes it relatively simple!

(Well, okay, and without any special scripts you can also cheat by just playing a walking anim and not actually walking. :) But this would let you make a video of yourself walking! A bit, anyway…)

In other news, I noticed that for a long time (like, weeks) there had been a green dot over in an adjacent parcel on the Rise, and whenever I went over to look it was the same AV name in the title floating there, but with no visible person, and they never answered chat or IMs.

Feeling whimsical the other day, I’d nudged the invisible person (who turned out to be nudgeable) over into my land, and built a little protective envelope of colorful devices around them. I figured I’d keep them around as a decoration until my conscience got the better of me, and then send them home (since they were on my land, and I could now do Teleport Agent Home).

But then not long after that I logged into the Rise, and there they were again, standing invisible and unresponsive at the same place in the empty field next door. (And yeah I’ve checked high and low and Highlight Transparent; I suppose they are probably wearing a full-transparent body alpha, or something subtler.)

Most puzzling! What process moved them back there again, to stand again invisible and unresponsive?

But that’s why we love the mainland. :)

Update: the llSetForce() version of this seems to work just awesomely! I am now playing with a version where you stop by pressing Back, and each time you press Forward it speeds you up a bit. Enormous fun so far!