Harden the —

Do you dislike Viewer 2.0, or think Search isn’t working very well lately, or think the Lab is spending too little or too much time on Mesh, or have worries about what display names will do to SL culture, or wish tickets would get answered faster, or wish the viewer was or wasn’t optimized for lower or higher end systems, or think the Teen Grid should have been given more of a chance?

If one or more of these describes you, and you post your opinion in your weblog or the forums, talk to your friends, go to office hours, make suggestions on how to improve things, occasionally wax lyrical about the good or the bad old or new days, feel happy or sad and express those emotions, or even throw up your hands and go off and play WoW instead for awhile, that’s terrific; bless you, for you are a part of the culture.

On the other hand, if you are DISGUSTED that Linden Lab is COMPLETELY DEAF to the REAL NEEDS AND DESIRES OF THE RESIDENTS because they’ve done something you didn’t like, or didn’t do something that you wanted, and you GET ALL ANGRY AND STOMP YOUR LITTLE FEET and WHINE ENDLESSLY IN THE FORUMS and unrelated group chats, and become SERIOUSLY UPSET because THE LINDENS ARE TRYING TO DRIVE YOU OUT OF SECOND LIFE and CARE NOTHING FOR THE NEEDS OF creators / landowners / artists / business people / furries / non-furries / whatever and IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE FINALLY SPOKE UP about the BLINDNESS of the SO-CALLED MANAGEMENT, before the CLASS-ACTION SUITS BURY SL, and YOU’RE SICK AND TIRED of lag and broken group-chat and THE SAD THING IS that it could ALL BE FIXED IN A WEEK if only they HAD THE HALF A BRAIN to use some new technology you read about in Wired, or wrote a purely theoretical paper about five years ago, and you’re DECLARING WAR on something or other, with YOUR SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT OOZING OUT OF EVERY PORE, I got just one thing to say: