My acting career continues! :)

Marvelous talented friends Karima and Nat have another movie out, Drink Me With Your Eyes; another rendering of one of Karima’s poems (a passionate piece in mixed English and Spanish), in amazing visuals of dancers and horses and eyes and… well, go see it. :)

rearing horse

I got a little bit part in the bar scenes (expertly sitting on a poseball!), and also in the horses-running-about scenes (as the Slightly Confused Horse), and got to contribute a little miscellaneous scripting also. But mostly just watched Karima and Nat and wondered to myself how they do it.

I will stick to scripting. :) Although I understand some people find that mysterious also!

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Dale once again for forming a valuable part of our productions. I think you are now officially a member of our repertoire and so maybe brush up on your pose balls skills and looking always lovely:) Really, we both are so happy to have you, growing every day, in your secondary career of acting…and adding your special touch to our movies.

  2. Thankies Dale for being so patient, while I shot and shot and shot and shot all those angles and for all the other things you’ve done.

  3. Awww, wow! :) Thank you both, greatly appreciated as you know. It is an honor to help out in small ways with such neat things…

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