Paths through virtuality

So a bag-zillion years ago I weblogged (probably more than once) about an interconnected random adventure in SL, where a friend and I landed in some cool place after skydiving, looked up the picks of the creator of some neat object there, went to their store or something, and so on through various hours worth of fun randomness.

It’s been too long since I went nude skydiving :) but I still have these kinda small adventures all the time, I just don’t weblogify about them as much, because I don’t weblogify about anything as much, because I am lazy person.

But here’s one!

As extremely long-time readers will know, one of my very early living places in SL was a little shack on the PIER sim (which I found in turn from making friends with a bartender at The Elbow Room, which stretches the story back just about to my first months in SL I think), and when that sim shut down I started renting a room in Extropia.

At home in Extropia!

Eventually the Extropians redesigned the sim and didn’t have those little rental rooms available anymore, but I stayed in the Extropians group because it was interesting, and after awhile I started to notice cross-posting in the Extropians group from the Dakini Land / Western Geisha / Companion’s Guild group, see for instance this probably-related video.

I visited the Dakini Land sim somewhere in there, but as I recall I was heavily RL-distracted at the time, and couldn’t really figure out what it was. Then I got a notice about (I think it was) some graduation ceremonies that were going on there, and there was going to be dancing and music and poetry-reading and stuff, so I went, and it was a good time, and the people were very friendly and interesting.

Dakini Land

(I eventually did figure out a little of what was going on, which led me to start watching old episodes of “Firefly” on Netflix, where I was by coincidence already watching old episodes of Buffy; everything connects!)

Probably the performance that struck me most at that ceremony was a live on-voice reading of original poetry by Karima Hoisan. I took her picture and gave her a copy (as I am constantly doing, which is one reason my friends list is so absurdly large), and she looked at my profile and saw a Pick there from New Toulouse, which I had added to replace a Burn2 pick when Burn2 ended, and having connections with New Toulouse herself, she IMd, me and we talked, and continued talking now and then thereafter.

Eventually she and frequent collaborator Natascha Randt were working on this machinima about scripting, and I happened to have a script that fit into it nicely, with the result that some of my LSL code ended up in a machinima, which was extremely cool. (Note that it’s not a dry and geeky machinima, either; you must watch it if you haven’t, it is amazing.)

And then later on, looking around at random things on the web as I constantly do, I came across Karima’s machinima series “The Two”, and realized that I had randomly watched an episode from the middle of it somewhere many months before, but not had enough focus to figure out its context or anything.

Ms. Hoisan wisely suggested that if I wanted the full effect I should first read / listen to / experience her “Colored Dreams” pieces first, and then “The Two” in order.

So I did that, and now at the end of this particular branch of the chain of causality (rather than, say, the one that includes having a lovely tea ceremony on a satellite), I am highly recommending to you my readers that you experience both in that order also:

The Colored Dreams (page one page older to start at the start of Part One)


The Two (Also page back one to start at the start)

Don’t expect to consume them all in one sitting :) I found that I wanted to stop for hours or days in between just to sort of let it all sink in. It’s hard to describe or characterize; might be called fantasy or even SF, or a series or dreams, or meditations on the human condition and the nature of power and love and trust, or lots of other things. But really, like all good art, it tends to slip away from any words that you try to tie it up in.

And if you’d like to hear the artist live :) she will be doing another reading this very tomorrow, and I recommend that also, and so we tie the story up to the present day.

So! That’s my path through virtual space for today. Now I will go and find some more. Or maybe I will take a nap…

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  1. Reblogged this on Digital Rabbit Hole and commented:
    I am sharing this very nice post by Dale Innis on his weblog today Saturday April 27th, about well.. virtual paths that lead us to sharing our creative talents..and a nice little part about my Colored Dreams and The Two series, that seems like a thousand years ago, but really is going on two. Enjoy!

  2. So delighted to know of another deep soul who took the time to experience the Colored Dream Series, and The Two. The blew me away… we are seduced into a profound inner realm so beautifully expressed by Karima. It is a Master Work of a playful and inspired creative genius. Anyway, that is my opinion…. and anyone who would care to take that journey… i am pretty sure you would agree.

  3. What a nice surprise to find mention of the Coloured Dreams and The Two in another blog. I hope anyone reading your blog takes the leap and dives into them and be bathed in such words and visions which will touch their souls.

    • Woot, there is Maria! :) I expect that more traffic will flow from Karima’s pages to mine than vice-versa, but if anyone at all is lucky enough to wander from here to there, I will be highly gratified…

  4. The Colored Dreams and the Two really was/is an incredible saga! I love that you have taken the time here to urge others to dip their toes in the incredible pool that is Karima (smiles). I remember the enchantment of following as she delivered this series and grins, realizing that so many of us in her fan-dom circle have shared the joint experience. More than a great read; it’s a fantastic emotional journey that engages all the senses!

    • Thank you for the comment, Dzinwiz! And thanks to Karima’s fans of the time for not letting her stop at Part One, grin… It’s a great experience.

  5. Dale,
    Thank you for reminding us of the brilliance of Colored Dreams. It is one of those works that must be revisited form time to time. Each time seems to bring forth a different perspective. I am also impressed to see that you are also a writer. I enjoyed your blog.

    • Thanks much, Hoyt! I look forward to my second trip through those wilds, some time in the future. Glad you like the weblog! I am a writer in the sense that I write :) I’d hesitate to claim much more than that…

  6. This is reprinted from an earlier reply to “Colored Dreams”. I considered a different reply but cannot improve on this. I really does sum up what I believe to be true about Karima’s work. Her work is partially worldly, partially other worldly. “Colored Dreams” is exceptional and written for the ages, I believe. Here is my original reply:

    “What a gorgeous, tearing, fabric of amazing richness! Karima’s characters move thru the journey entertwined….frightened,fierce, and ultimately do and dance of transition as all must. She has it right-it is always about love, caring, dedication transcending the terrors of moving from a physical life to one beyond. The most important part of it is being of service to those we love and support and hold dear. Her description of this private, yet powerful experience resonates at just the right pitch, the most loving way to protect our loved ones. And that is simply to love them any way we are able. Always imperfect.and yet….always perfect.

    All good stories are love stories. What our essence is who we are and how we love. The colored dreams are all our lives and our hopes and dreams and frailties and bonds which all transcend physical death. Karima paints a moving tale of connection. Those all leave with us when we depart from this brief drama of a too-fleeting role as Karima or Ismara or Tube….or all that came before. Life is magic. Tears are also part of life. So is love. So is anger and regret. But, if we learned something…..we leave here unbroken carrying all our friendships and bonds with us. Karima carries the torch high enough so we can see the pathway. Thank you, Kari, for your intense, profound words of love.”
    Peace. Tube


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