There was something otherworldly about it….

(Submission to the Single Frame Stories thing, for the prompt “Block” announced here.)

And yeah, it’s a bit of a geeky in-joke. :)

6 Responses

  1. […] “There was something otherworldly about it….” by Dale Innis […]

  2. Ooo, if only we could mine it and lay its precious dust down to power our mines…

  3. An interesting thought… I wonder if anyone’s tried to implement Minecraft inside SL… I have some vague thoughts… :)

  4. This cracked me up. There used to be a MC sim (no, don’t recall the name or if it is still around). My partner has a creeper avi. :)

  5. So I actually looked around a little :) and found a couple of things:in old NWN postings:

    I like the sound of that kit from 2011…

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