Um, soooo….

Is there an Official Name for this general AV and clothing style in SL:

Um, sooo...

This is a random picture from a vendor board at Zombiepopcorn, but if you’ve been out and about in the fashion-caring parts of SL lately you’ve probably seen the style. On people, even!

It’s characterized by a sort of pouty-frowning mouth-shape, a smallish and widish body shape, and (um) an unusually wide space between the thighs.

I first saw something vaguely like this shape on someone who was I think doing it out of creativity, and generally paired it with an animal head or frog feet rather than fashion accessories. But now it seems to have Caught On enough that various people have been expressing reservations about it. (To say the least.)

I don’t find it especially attractive, myself. On the other hand I am deciding that I like the fact that it exists. It’s a rather NPIRL fashion trend, after all, something that’s possible only because we can fiddle so extensively with our bodies. And it doesn’t cater to or reinforce the usual beauty clichés, and that’s a plus. Of course in that it’s a new beauty cliché itself, it may be that it’s similarly being used mostly sell product. :) But that’s okay, really, as long as it doesn’t lead people who look other ways to feel inferior.

But anyway, what’s it called? And I don’t mean what amusing epithets does Alicia have for it. :) What do the people who actually design for it / wear it / not run screaming away from it call it? If anything?

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  1. LOL! I don’t think they actually have a term for it. We attempted to get someone to at least try to explain, but mostly all we got was, “It’s my shape, I’m unique, I’ll do what I want.” Of course, at this point it’s no more unique than anything else, but I’d still like to know what they like about it.

    • Yeah, the thing I like about it is that it’s saying (I guess?) “I don’t care if I’m attractive to you or not, this is how I feel like looking.” Which is cool. But I’d like to know more of the backstory…

  2. i dunno, it looks like the way i dress when i’m too lazy to fold my clothes and don’t iron them – i think the style is called “everyday slob”! =D

  3. It’s certainly Not very attractive or “smexy” IMO. :) We could call it the Koi Look!

  4. angry birds maybe ?

  5. I nominate “Cranky Cowgirl.” I’m sure these girls walk like John Wayne after a week on horseback.

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