Sim-on-a-Stick and Kitely: they both work!

After I described my uber-l33t bat file hax0ring the other day, Ener Hax emself commented that the latest Sim on a Stick would detect 32 vs 64 bit and do the right thing All By Itself, and also had a more recent version of OpenSim, and a thing to let you choose three different styles of world layout, and so on.

So I tried it! In particular, I exported what I had built so far (i.e. the increasingly awesome house, pictured here being built still in the older OpenSim I think:

Test User builds a house!

) to an OAR file on my laptop’s hard drive, using the actual Opensim documentation, imported it to the sim next door on my USB key just to make sure it worked (matter duplication!), saved Test User’s (tiny) inventory to an IAR, shut down that little OpenSim, installed the latest one from Sim On A Stick (they both fit onto the USB key with room to spare), developed even more l33t Opensim skills by finding out Test User’s UUID on the old one, creating a Test User with the same UUID on the new one, imported the OAR and IAR, and poof!

Test User was ready to start building again in the new moderner and unhacked-by-me virtual universe:

Interior Design in a USB key

And that was extremely cool.

After building a little more there I thought the next ossum thing to do would be to put this little house-in-a-world onto the public Web somewhere were other people could (potentially) also get to it.

Kitely was the obvious choice, so I looked at various other things first. :) If you are a company wanting to pay a small (by company standards) monthly fee for a virtual server in the cloud, there are lots of people eager to take your money. But if you are an individual wanting really not very much at all for hopefully more or less nothing, the choices are more limited as it turns out.

So Kitely it was! First I went back into the local USB-key world and put a crate in the yard and put all of Test User’s inventory items into it and made a new OAR (since Kitely I think will let you upload an OAR but not an IAR). Then I joined Kitely on the Free plan (by logging into Twitter and telling it to tell them that I was me, which is cool and/or scary), created my one free world, uploaded the OAR, and logged in…


Is that Test User’s house we see in the distance?


Hurrah, it is! (Including the inventory-crate in the yard, and the various textures harvested from the Innertubes, and their accompanying baggage of moral and legal copyright questions!)

Let’s go inside and check out the details.


Everything seems to have come over just fine, including the genuine Dale Innis art on the wall there, with the subtle band of color on the black horizontal piece, that moves slowly from one side to the other, changing hue as it goes. (And the amusing 70’s-style orgy picture in the background.)

Back out to the yard, and the crate of inventory items, and here is Kitely Dale with my favorite custom OpenSim eyes and hair, and Eloh Elliot skin, and home-made “n00b” tee shirt, ready to take on the world! (At least as long as the free two hours lasts, after which I will have to consider buying some Minutes a la carte.)


Fifteen minutes later, there is a nice wall around the yard:


and the universe is threatening to fork. I tried to export it, with the modifications, from Kitely as a new OAR, but apparently I don’t have enough Kitely Credits for that. And my patience for figuring out virtual currencies and stuff had apparently run out, because I went off to write in my weblog here rather than finding out about Kitely Credits and continuing on that path tonight.

Pretty neat, eh? Maybe sometime I will throw a party there! If I can figure out how the Minutes and Kitely Credits required would work an’ all…

5 Responses

  1. Hi Dale,

    Welcome to Kitely, we’re happy you chose our service to host your public world :-)

    Kitely uses a mobile phone pricing model, where people pay for the time they spend inworld instead of a paying a fixed cost for hosting worlds which they may hardly use. This enables most individuals to save a lot of money they would have had to spend elsewhere for hosting thier virtual worlds. Another benefit is that our model enables you to have multiple worlds for free (depending on which plan you are on) or for as little as $0.10/month per world (for extra worlds beyond your plan’s free worlds quota).

    Just like with mobile phones, you can either load your account with minutes or use a plan that grants you a certain number of minutes per month. Your are charged just for your own time inworld unless you choose to invite other people to visit your world(s) at your expense.

    Our plans include Minutes which, as their name implies, are used to pay for your own time inworld. The Free Plan you are currently on includes 120 Minutes per month and 1 free world (a region with 100,000 prims). Our cheapest premium plan, the Bronze Plan, costs just $5/month and includes 1200 Minutes, 300 Kitely Credits (KC) and 2 free worlds.

    KC are used to pay for our various services (and will also be used as an inworld currency in the future). 1 KC buys 1 minute for 1 user. Exporting a world to an OAR file costs 10 KC. Our Free Plan doesn’t include any KC, which is why you couldn’t export your world without upgrading to a premium plan (which includes KC) or buying KC separetly.

    You can find out more about Kitely Credits, Minutes and our various premium plans on our blog:

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    • What efficient attentive-to-trackbacks folks! :) Thanks for all of the information; I will have to pay more attention to it when I am less sleepy…

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  3. way cool and mad l33t talking skills

    runn1ng 51m-0n-a-5t1ck 1z a c0nv3n13nt way t0 bu1ld d15cr3t3 1t3mz and what 1 u53 1t ht3 m05t ph0r

  4. Absolut3ly! :) Tho’ I don’t think “c0nv3n13nt” is actually a word; you probably want, say, “133t” itself…

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