Battling Bots

The Sinister Inventor contemplates his latest Evil Creation.

Contemplating improvements

“I believe the lower edge is dragging on the ground; perhaps if I boosted the hoverheight a bit…”

Well, that worked

“Well, that worked.”

Removing the combat HUD leads to instant resurrection.

Dale's Killbots

“Ah, my faithful lethal servants! What shall I call you? Dale’s Killbots, perhaps. ‘Daleks’ for short!

“Nah, that’s a silly name…”

(The combat scripting proceeds apace; the shooting robots there can be damaged and ultimately destroyed using anything that shoots projectiles, pretty much, although new ones get rezzed as long as the system is on. The combat HUD tosses one rudely to the ground after a certain number of hits by any projectile. I also made a full-auto infinite-ammo version of the standard Linden popgun, which is pretty awesome, but probably banned in most RP sims. I am vaguely thinking of doing a series of weblog posts, tutorial-style, on how it all works. Unless I do something else instead…)

2 Responses

  1. “Dalek”???? oh c’mon. silly for sure. no one would ever be able to associate that with something evil. *grin*

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