Interesting Thing Alert: TODAY: Wed, 11/16, 5:30 pm SLT: Conflict Transformation

Friend Candice Alderton and Trip Tremmor are offering a discussion on Conflict Transformation today at 5:30pm SLT; details below. She says it’s sure to be a lively discussion filled with useful information and some new skills you can easily adapt.

Please feel free to share with friends you think may be interested. The discussion will be held in voice and text.

From Rockcliffe University:

Today 16 Nov 5:30 PM Pacific – Forum on Conflict Transformation
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011 16:44:20 GMT

Today 5:30 PM SLT Wed 16 Nov
Rockcliffe Forum at RUC IM/IT Conference Center
“Intro to Compassionate Coummunication” with guest speakers.

Find out simple changes you can make in yourself to shift your personal and business relationships. Interact with some first-hand roleplays for some quick practice.

Candice has studied more than two years, completed a year-long immersion program, and participated in many workshops as she pursues her graduate degree in Conflict Transformation. Trip has completed 7 workshops with multiple trainers as well as individual training. Join these two Peacemakers as they talk about Non-violent Communication and how they live it every day.

Should be a good time! And remember to check your weapons at the door. :)