Battling undead at Point of Derivation

I got to Point of Derivation not because it’s in the Destination Guide (the Destination Guide being one of those New Things that I can never remember exists), but because it was a stop on the Sinister Steampunk Hunt (the last stop, in fact; the memorably named “Swine and Roses”).

But when I got there I noticed some rather clued-looking PvE combat stuff set out, so later on I went over to check out the combat.

(For the non-gamers in the audience, “PvE” means “player versus environment”, where you fight monsters and other stuff in the game world, as opposed to “PvP”, which is “Player versus Player”, where you fight other players, most of whom are much better than you are.)

So I put on my favorite Gruff helmet for decoration, and got out some weapons. Here I am considering the Long Sword that comes free at the entrance (and again there are larger-scale versions of these pictures, if you click through to flickr):


and here I am with my Taltech Range Bow (or something like that), crouching martially:


I charge off into the desert, shooting skeletons of all kinds until they fall down and explode!


And now into the swamp, with the sword out for close-in melee!


One battles one’s way to the ancient necropolis, turning to kill the last few undead attackers on the way up the stairs, and wishing there was some way to take good action-shots of mouselook-mode combat.


Then vaulting heriocally over railings and onto mossy rooftops.




(I love the jump animations in my AO.)

Slicing my way to the door to the catacombs, turning to make sure nothing is following me…


Through subterranean passages rife with murderous skeletons and the occasional power-up, to the final door!


There to leap onto the teleporter and TP out quick before something else spawns and kills me (note amusing expression on face due to being axed a bit by newborn skeleton while TPing).


Definitely a good time! I did the basic routes several times, for fun and to get better at it; I died several times, too, which just involves not being able to move until you click on the “revive” thing and get TPd back to a starting point. Somehow I don’t have any pictures of that. :)

I also IMd considerable with the owner of the sim (one of the owners? dunno), who was around (and who was the only name above mine on the day’s leaderboard woo woo), and it sounds like they will be adding more stuff beyond the basic (but fun) stuff that they have there now.

This is really the first time I’ve done PvE combat in SL, and I’m enjoying it. So now of course I am thinking of (A) trying it in other places, and (B) making some of my own. In the meantime, see you in Mouselook! :)

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